Dark chocolate makes you bald! Your hair is falling out and you feel tired, the reason may be bitter

It turned out that dark chocolate, which is preferred by many because no sweetener is added, causes an excess of iron in the body. In a study, it was determined that 30 grams of dark chocolate contains harmful levels of metals. Excess iron in the body can cause hair loss, fatigue, liver disease.

Established in 1936 under the name of ‘Consumer Union’ to defend consumer rights. ‘Consumer Reports’ In the new report of the institution named; Hershey’s, Godiva and Trader Joe’s Dark chocolate products of well-known brands such as

According to the news in Independent Turkish, the research All 28 products examined contained lead and cadmium. understood. These two heavy metals can cause a range of health problems in both children and adults.

According to the report, only 23 of the products examined per day Adults who eat 30 grams each consume at least one of these metals at harmful levels..


On the other hand, long-term consistent exposure to heavy metals, even in small amounts, can lead to various health problems.

Specialists especially that lead in food products can greatly inhibit children’s development and cause permanent brain damage. says.



From the US-based nonprofit ‘Consumer Reports’ team food safety researcher Tunde Akinleyei, “But there is a risk for people of all ages” used his statements.

The researcher concluded that frequent exposure also occurs in adults. that it can cause many ailments, from nervous system problems to kidney damage. drew attention.

lead and cadmium; It can occur naturally in many other foods, such as sweet potatoes, spinach, and carrots. from multiple sources even small amounts of heavy metals can reach dangerous levels.

Therefore, experts exposure to heavy metals should be limited as much as possible. states.


15 percent of consumers eat chocolate every day

British market research company Mintelaccording to 15 percent of consumers eat chocolate every day. According to the researchers, 5 out of 28 products contain less heavy metals, which is a positive result for consumers.

While the institution lists the products in question on its website, Akinleye says the following:

“This shows that it is possible for companies to manufacture products with lower amounts of heavy metals and to find safer products that consumers enjoy.”



A healthy body absorbs and processes as much iron as needed from food. However, in cases such as long-term excess iron supplementation or hereditary excess iron absorption, iron may accumulate in the body.

Excess iron accumulation in the body causes toxic effects. Iron excess is an indication that the body has an underlying medical problem rather than excess supplements.


Some of the symptoms of high iron in the blood are:

* Feeling sluggish and tired
* Change in skin color
* Sudden weight loss
* Hair loss
* Pain in the joints
* Stomach ache
* Liver ailment
* Irregular heart rhythm

While excess iron causes serious health problems, it also poses a risk of death if left untreated for a long time. Iron; It can accumulate in the liver, skin, heart, pancreas, joints and pituitary gland.

The harms of iron excess can be listed as follows:

* Iron accumulated in the liver can cause liver damage
* Iron accumulated in the pancreas can lead to diabetes
* Iron accumulated in the heart can lead to irregular heart rhythm and heart failure
* Iron accumulated in the skin can lead to skin color changes
* May cause damage to adrenal glands
* Reproductive system problems such as erectile dysfunction and menstrual irregularity may occur