Cursed billionaire Robert Belfer – Breaking News

American businessman Robert Belfer comes to the fore with his unfortunate investments.

Finally, it turned out that he invested in the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, which is considered one of the “biggest financial scams in American history”.

According to the report of the Financial Times, it was stated that Robert Belfer, who owns a stake in FTX, lost approximately $ 34.5 million after announcing the bankruptcy of the cryptocurrency exchange.

However, this was not the first loss for the strongest member of the Belfer family. Robert Belfer was also one of the largest shareholders of Enron, the world’s largest corruption case. Enron, once the 7th largest company in the USA, went bankrupt by signing the biggest corruption in the world.


Businessman Robert Belfer was one of the biggest shareholders of Enron company, which signed the big corruption case. The cost of this bankruptcy to the US business person was approximately 2 billion dollars.

The financial misfortunes did not end there. Belfer was also a client of Bernard Madoff, the founder of the largest ponzi happiness chain in history.

It is estimated that Bernard Madoff made a profit of approximately 17.5 billion dollars in the Madoff event, which is known as the largest and most destructive Ponzi scheme in the history of finance.


Belfer family companies also invested in Madoff’s company at that time.

Although it is not known exactly how much Robert Belfer lost after the big financial collapse, it is known that he withdrew his investment of $ 28 million from the company before the bankruptcy took place.

Forbes estimates Belfer’s fortune at $110 million, but the family has donated more than that amount to charities so far.

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