Cristiano Ronaldo frenzy on social media! Refusal of claims from Fenerbahce, first target…


While the search for a new pre-season striker continues in Fenerbahçe, the yellow-dark blue players were on social media yesterday, Cristiano. RonaldoIt was alleged that he wanted to. Both President Ali Ramof yesterday transfer The fact that the Portuguese star wanted to leave M.United and that he was declared “persona non grata” by his teammates strengthened these claims.


As such, this claim soon became the most discussed topic of the day. So much so that in a short time Ronaldo and Fenerbahce More than 154 thousand tweets were posted about him. In addition, the value of Fenerbahçe tokens increased by 20 percent during the day. The YELLOW navy blue club flatly denies these allegations. F. Garden sources told Hürriyet, “There is no such thing. We have absolutely nothing to do with Ronaldo. These are rumors and scenarios that were deliberately made to make people say, ‘Ali Koç has failed in the transfer again,'” they said.



Fenerbahçe Club President Ali Koç went to London to finish the transfer of the foreign forward. According to sources close to the club, there are two names on Ali Koç’s list. One of them was last season. BesiktasMichy Batshuayi, who plays on loan in ‘Chelsea’ and whose testimonial is in Chelsea… The other name is kept as a secret.


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