Chris Hipkins, the only candidate for prime minister in New Zealand

In New Zealand, the post of Prime Minister is given by the monarch of the United Kingdom to the leader of the party that received the most votes in the general elections, such as the UK.

After Ardern’s announcement of his resignation, it was announced that Deputy Chris Hipkins was the ‘only candidate’ for the Leadership of the Labor Party, which was in the government yesterday. After the announcement, Hipkins, who is expected to rule New Zealand as Prime Minister until the general elections in October, said on his social media account;

“It’s been a big day for this kid from the Hutt. I am honored and proud to be the sole candidate for the Leadership of the Labor Party and thus the Prime Minister of New Zealand. I am proud to lead such a strong, talented and united team. I am incredibly optimistic about New Zealand’s future and the opportunities ahead. Tomorrow the Labor (Party) team will meet in Wellington for the final vote and then straight back to work. I can’t wait!”


Chris Hipkins (44) was first elected to parliament as a deputy in 2008 and was appointed Minister of Covid-19 in November 2020. Hipkins currently serves as New Zealand’s Minister for Education, Police and Social Services.

Should Hipkins be elected party leader in the final vote tomorrow. Jacinda Ardernwill appoint Hipkins as Prime Minister on behalf of the British monarch, King Charles III, and submit his resignation to the Governor-General of New Zealand under the British monarch.