China’s world giant declared: We will produce in Turkey and send to Europe

One of the world’s largest automotive brands, Chinese Chery is making a strong and assertive entry into the Turkish market. Chery Turkey President Fenghuo Si, who said that they have been doing preliminary research for Turkey for 4 years, stated that they are working for production here and that it will be an important breakthrough in exports to Europe.

We will also take advantage of this opportunity in Turkey.

According to the news of Yeni Şafak, Fenghuo Si, who underlined that Chery, a 20-year-old state enterprise of China, has a production of 11 million and exports 2.3 million vehicles to more than 80 countries, said, “The reason we came to Turkey is because of its crowded population and its potential. Turkey is an important stage in Chery’s opening to Europe. Turkey has companies and systems focused on all aspects of automotive. If our products are liked and our market share is high, we also evaluate the possibility of production. Both labor laws in Europe “It is very strict and the labor force is more expensive. We will also take advantage of this opportunity in Turkey,” he said.

Electric vehicle sales

Saying that they are an environmentally friendly automotive company and that they have vehicles of various fuel types, Chery Turkey President Si said, “We have Plug-in Hybrid electric and hydrogen-electric vehicles. In other words, we focus very seriously on environmental issues. We will be bringing electric vehicles to the Turkish market step by step anyway. Turkey It will start operating with 25 authorized dealers in 7 geographical regions in 2023. We aim to gradually increase this number to 40 in the coming period. We actually have a separate company that produces light commercial vehicles. However, it will take some time to start producing light commercial vehicles in compliance with the legislation in Turkey. we need it,” he said.

new models

Chery Turkey Vice President Ahu Turan, who said that Chery will enter Turkey with the 1.6-liter gasoline engine and 7-speed automatic transmission TIGGO 8 PRO, TIGGO 7 PRO and OMODA 5 models, said, “Turkey, with its unique geographical features and strategic location, Chery has been in the focus of all global brands for a long time.Chery has decided to come to the Turkish market with its own investment, as a result of market research, analysis of customer expectations and the feasibility of many different alternatives for the last 4 years.This decision is based on the brand’s belief in the Turkish market. It’s a perfect indicator,” he said.

Exports increased

Chery reached a sales figure of 100 thousand 531 units in November 2022 alone, leaving behind a new level in its sales performance, which exceeded 100 thousand units every month for 6 months in a row. Chery, whose cumulative sales volume in the January-November 2022 period reached 1 million 127 thousand 289 units with an annual increase of 32.6 percent, thus recorded the best performance in its history. In particular, Chery, which increased its total export volume by 70.9 percent, broke a new ‘opening to the world’ record among Chinese passenger car brands.