Cem Davran: Money brings happiness


You appeared on stage at the age of 12. Although your father was also the chief of theater accessories, you studied electrical engineering at Yıldız Teknik. Family orientation or did you prefer it?

– Of course I didn’t choose. The “become an actor but have a job” syndrome of families… This was inevitable at that time. My first choice was medical school. Engineering, architecture, law, he continued, I came across the eighth choice.

Cem Davran: Money brings happiness

You couldn’t finish electrical engineering in 16 years… Did the teacher plug it in or was the electricity cut off?

– It’s not that much, that adventure took like 10 years. I had a power cut, that’s for sure. (Laughs) Once in a class, the teachers say, “Son, we watched you at the City Theater last night, what are you doing here?” he was saying. I spent most of my time with Yıldız Technical University Players.


Your voice is used in many of the commercials we watch. Your biggest rival… Ali Poyrazoğlu or Haluk Bilginer?

– Both names are important actors and my elders. I’ve been doing commercial dubbing for almost 40 years. I used to talk at least 50 ads a month for a period, now I choose some. I know I slept in sound studios, but those years have passed. I think the advertising business is already in crisis. There are no competitors in this business, this is another area.

Which is the more important turning point in your career: the “Ruhsar” series with Hande Ataizi, or the “Karakomic Films” series with Cem Yılmaz?

– Between the two, of course, “Ruhsar”. But between the two. It’s not the turning point of my entire career. “Karakomic Films”, in my opinion, is the most handsome work that has been done in recent years, the bar is very high. Cem Yılmaz is also my precious.

Cem Davran: Money brings happiness

When you hear the name of which one, your heart starts to beat faster: Galatasaray or City Theatres?

– Hey, how can I separate it, I can’t separate it! Both are my childhood, both are my fairy tales. Come on you evening market; Let me say, “City Theaters are a little ahead”. (laughs)


March 3, Pisces man… What did you suffer the most: sudden outbursts from time to time, being able to oscillate between reality and fantasy?

– Going back and forth between reality and fantasy, but I didn’t pull it off, on the contrary, I always had an advantage. I love my zodiac sign. If there was excessive sentimentality in the stylish, I would think of it.

You have a book called “The Clown’s Diary”. The clown over there… Is it you or life outside of you?

– Neither, Clown is basically a character who is almost a thousand years old. If you say who he is most like, he is most like the reader of the book.

The “Best Boy”, which could not be awarded due to censorship in the 1979 Golden Orange PlayerYou received the ” award in 2011, 32 years late. Did the right find its place, was it too late?


– Right has been fulfilled, the right time is 32 years later, that’s how I see it now.

Sevda Demirel told Hande Ataizi that famous “What did you say!” You were in that studio when she slapped him. Why didn’t you intervene: out of fear or bewilderment?

– I intervened, dear, I’m just late. It didn’t occur to me that such a thing could happen. I wish you weren’t

said, there is nothing to do, it happened once.

If your life was a movie, would it be an adventure or a romantic-comedy?

– Absurd romantic-comedy. I told you because you asked or my life film I don’t want it to be.


Turning your 25 years old or Dolmabahçe Palace?

– You thought Dolmabahçe Palace, didn’t you? No, I’m 25 years old. Because my palace is there.


Planning something at night or planning something in the morning?

– Planning the night, you can take a look in the morning. I believe in the magic of the night. Some people are afraid, shy, I consider the night a friend.

Logic or instinct?

– Logic has challenged me most of the time, whoever made it confused everything. I’d say instinct.

Does money bring happiness or not?

– Brings it, brings it nicely. There is no point in making literature out of money. It brings even more dollars. Look, I made a double game here: “If it fills up”… We despise money, what’s the need? The king of happiness, especially if you have it at the end of a hard work and sweat.

“Nâzım and Orhan Veli, what beautiful painters of life. I used to think ‘why don’t they live longer’ when I was younger. Then I realized that they live long somehow, time works differently for them and for us.”



I can understand the storm inside Burak Deniz

Which do you laugh more at: Cem Yılmaz or Ata Demirer?

– I love both of them very much and laugh a lot, they are two very different gems for me. Especially if they don’t have respect for tradition and teaching, I find these characteristics very valuable.

Zeki Alasya or Metin Akpınar?

– I am Zeki Abici, Metin Abi is also very special, of course, but Zeki Abi’s wavelength was closer to me. We used to talk to him another time, may he rest in peace.

Perran Kutman or Aysen Gruda?

– Oh, it doesn’t work, but these two choices make you feel strange. I’m answering it in a conversational way, huh… Perran sister is our precious, but here I am Ayşen sister, for the same reason; wavelength. If anyone is hurt or sad after this conversation, look at your sin on your neck.

Which Demet: Akbağ or Evgar?

– Come on… One is my friend of 40 years, the other is my brother. Both from my way, from my tradition. Ah, both! (laughs)

From Yeşilçam: Türkan Şoray or Filiz Akın?

– Turkan Soray. He has a lot of memories, I know him. A little heirloom.

Tarik Akan or Ediz Hun?

– Tarık Abi was a nice man, may he rest in peace. I have always admired his courage, we have been. Ediz Hun is also valuable and respectable, but they are two different schools.

One of the current ones… Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ or Burak Özçivit?

– Burak Deniz. I find him remarkable among young people, I can understand the storm inside him, he is a special young man. May the road be clear. Of course, your other siblings too.

Beren Saat or Serenay Sarikaya?

– Serenay is talented, as far as I can see, she is hardworking and open to improvement, ready to break her chains at any moment. I play all kinds of roles for him, his range is quite wide.

Which would you like to neighbor with: Marilyn Monroe or Brigitte Bardot?

– It would be nice to be neighbors with Brigitte Bardot. The neighborhood of our other sister was probably tiring. I saw a photo of Bardot the other day, he has aged wonderfully.

Nazım Hikmet or Orhan Veli?

– Even if I was born a hundred more times, I can’t separate them, I’m two separate mother veins. Nâzım and Orhan Veli, what beautiful painters of life. Both are hometowns, and it’s exciting to talk about both. When I was younger, I used to think why they didn’t live longer. Then I realized that they live long somehow, time works differently for them and for us.

Which best accompanies the memory of an old memory: Sezen or Ajda?

– Hah, come to me with these, let me be clear. Sezennnnn! Forever Sezen Aksu, the poet of the century. I love her so much.

King of rock in Turkey… Cem Karaca or Barış Manço?

– I met both brothers, I worked, they were nice guys. They were both above-the-line characters and talents. Erkin Baba should be added to this list, Erkut Taçkın too. There are quite a few names, they are all kings!

From Arabesque: Müslüm Baba or İbrahim Tatlıses?

– Müslüm Baba, it’s my final decision. It is one of the noble examples of soft transitions, sui generis interpretation and responding to the harshness of life with an open heart.


Smiling spoils any game

Which is the most annoying in nightlife: smiling or squinting?

– Smiling spoils any game. Although it is perceived as more suitable for nightlife, you have to add a smile to a corner.

Which is worse: not being able to fall in love with anyone, or that all your loves end badly?

– Not being in love is the worse scenario. It doesn’t matter if it’s love or not, but the stagnation of spiritual movement is bad. As for the bad ending of every love; this is part of the game. It’s all a game after all.

The opposite of love: Hate or indifference?

– I have never seen a word that tests intelligence as much as love. I wondered if he was the opposite again. Hatred, indifference or whatever, cannot be the opposite of love.

Which do you prefer: crying alone or crying in front of someone?

– Crying in front of someone. Actually, I love crying itself very much, especially if there is someone who can carry it with you, it is a very elegant thing to cry. While you are crying, whoever is with you is witnessing your childhood, it is super.

Forgive or forget?

I like and prefer to forgive.


My late mother Çayeli Rizeli, what can I be?

Istanbul’s… Anatolian side or European side?

– All of it, this is Istanbul. Both sides call people. Do not look at the fact that it unites the continents, it is actually one piece. Shattered now anyway!

Bodrum-Gumusluk or Cesme-Alacati?

– These are not self-options. Seriously, not both. Beyoğlu-Kasimpasa, okay? (Laughs) Bodrum, Çeşme etc. are places that have lost their nobility, I’m sorry to say. Say Ayvalık, let me get a little closer.

Are you a tea maker or a coffee maker?

– My late mother Çayeli Rizeli, what can I be? If I don’t drink tea, I’m finished, I drank private and private throughout my childhood. Her mother’s side had teapots. Now, morning and evening hours are not missing from my tea life.

If you had to give up on one… Red meat or seafood?

– I would have given up on seafood, really sadly. But I also love seafood. Red meat, of course.

You have 600 thousand followers in the first and 158 thousand in the second. Twitter or Instagram?

– Twitter. I think it’s the invention of the century.

Never to use social media again; never watch a movie again?

– I can give up using social media, it won’t be a problem, but not watching movies, that’s okay. The answer is option A, sir.

Backgammon or chess?

– Bridge! Are you surprised? Bridge is different, it takes you out of the day. I know backgammon well, a little bit of chess. They both have a strange passion that I can’t understand. The game of bridge kings, the biggest difference, is the part where you move forward by talking. The human voice is also involved.

Cat or dog?

– Dog, for obvious reasons, cats don’t like this conversation. I had two dogs, they passed away. His photos stay in the family album. Elsa and Topaç.

Black waters have descended on your feet: A good novel or a good movie?

– Both are one-on-one for mental fatigue, but watching a match in physical fatigue.


Too positive people can be boring after an hour

Someone you can never remember is being very sincere to you… Do you say you don’t remember completely, do you try to figure out who it is with roundabout questions?

– This is what happens to me a lot. I try both ways, it depends on the rush of the time. There are times when I say “I couldn’t recognize, I couldn’t remember” right away, or when I try to remember painfully with conversation slides. But is the thief not guilty at all? Tell me in your head, daddy, who are you? Look, I’m suffering in front of you.

Positive but boring people or negative but interesting people?

– Overly positive people can be boring after an hour. But I can’t choose negative people all the time just because they’re interesting. Let me use my right here in favor of the extremist duo. If it’s enough, it’s both.

Which is harder to tolerate at the table: the glutton or the chatter?

– It’s harder to tolerate gluttons at the table. Talking is good. The glutton eats the table, whets your appetite. Although the chatter may eat your brain, but you’ll manage.

There is an aunt sleeping on your shoulder on the plane/bus. Can you push it thinly or complain to the stewardess?

– I never complain. I was not raised like this. I can push it thinly or direct it to a more suitable position. If it’s a very long journey, I can plan other destinies, like relocation. Look, I’m sorry for the aunt now, I hope it happens to me or someone like me.


Sun or moon?

– Moon.

To someone you barely know… Making a phone call or texting?

– Telephone.

◊ If you could, which would you choose: to play all musical instruments or to do all sports?

– Music.

If you were a color: fiery red or teal?

– Blue.

If you were a food: sweet or salty?

– Salty. Rock salt!


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