Car owners beware! Decision that concerns millions of vehicle owners: Those who do not comply with this rule will pay a fine

Within the scope of the decision taken in the Official Gazette, there was a news concerning vehicle owners. Within the scope of the Communiqué on Administrative Fines to be Given in accordance with the Environmental Law No. 2872 published in the Official Gazette, the fines to be applied in 2023 for vehicle owners were determined. Within the scope of the published decision, the fines to be applied to vehicle owners who do not have exhaust gas emission measurement in 2023 have been determined.

The fines to be applied to vehicle owners and the monetary penalty limit to be applied to vehicle owners whose exhaust inspection period has expired have been announced. The fines to be applied for motor vehicle vehicle owners that have emissions contrary to the determined standards have been determined.

How much is the Exhaust Inspection Penalty?

The penalty for not having an exhaust gas emission measurement was increased to 6 thousand 275 TL as of 2023. The determined fine was applied as 2 thousand 815 TL in 2022. According to the decision published in today’s issue of the Official Gazette:

1) 12 thousand 557 TL for Motor Vehicle Owners Causing Emissions Contrary to the Set Standards

2) 6 thousand 275 TL for the owner of a motor vehicle used without a catalytic converter/catalyst/diesel particulate filter, which is the exhaust gas emission control system in the manufacture of the vehicle,

3) Those who have an Exhaust Gas Emission Authorization Certificate but continue the measurement after it is determined that they have lost the conditions regulated by the relevant regulation after the authorization and/or make measurements against the technique and the determined rules, 25 thousand 115 TL,

4) It will be applied as 50 thousand 241 TL to those who measure emissions without a document and/or falsify documents and/or issue fake documents.(edirnejethaber)