Brent oil has dropped! A record discount is coming for gasoline, those who want to fill their tank should wait, here are the current fuel prices

In the last days of 2022, the rise in Brent Oil prices was reflected as a hike in gasoline prices. Brent oil prices, which have decreased by 8% since the beginning of the year, closed at $78 on the last day of the week. The decrease in Brent Oil prices will be reflected in the fuel prices as a discount. Here are the current fuel prices on January 7…

The increase in Brent Oil prices in the last days of the year also affected fuel prices. Drivers, upset by the news of the hike, also follow the discount news closely. It was stated that the price of Brent Oil, which was seen at $ 78 on Friday, January 6, decreased by 8%. The decline in Brent Petrol brought along the expectation of a discount in fuel oil. While the fluctuations in oil prices continue, drivers are investigating whether to make a discount on fuel prices. Here are the current fuel prices on January 7…


Weak demand concerns are also causing Brent Oil prices to fall. The recession in the US economy and the increase in cases in China increase the demand for the dollar. In this context, Brent Oil prices are also entering a downward pressure.

Russian oil, which was subjected to an embargo due to the Russia-Ukraine war, also plays an important role in the decrease in prices. While the concerns of the supply shrinkage have an impact on a global scale, they cause the prices to be in a downward trend. Brent oil price, which was at $ 78.58 on the last working day of the week, entered a similar level on January 7, 2023.


With the decrease in Brent Oil prices, the only question in mind is will there be a reduction in fuel prices? it happened. While the price of gasoline was increased by 84 cents on December 31, 2022, no change was made in diesel.

It is seen that the serious declines in Brent Petroleum brought along the expectation of discounts both in the sector and in the producers. Even if a discount decision is taken due to the weekend holiday, the discounts will be reflected on the pump prices as of Monday.




Liter price of diesel in Istanbul: 22.11 TL

Liter price of diesel in Ankara: 22.27 TL

Liter price of diesel in Izmir: 22.40 TL


Liter price of gasoline in Istanbul: 19.51 TL

Liter price of gasoline in Ankara: 19.73 TL

Liter price of gasoline in Izmir: 19.69 TL


LPG (Autogas) liter price in Istanbul: 10.56 TL

LPG (Autogas) liter price in Ankara: 10.88 TL

LPG (Autogas) liter price in İzmir: 10.59 TL