Bird flu alert in Denmark: 50,000 chickens will be culled

DenmarkThousands of chickens will be culled due to bird flu in . It has been announced that 50,000 chickens on the farm will be culled after bird flu was detected in several dead chickens on 31 December at a farm near the town of Orum in the city of Hedensted in the western part of the country. “The flock is infected with the deadly and highly contagious H5N1 avian influenza virus,” said Lotte Brink, Head of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (DVFA). said.

The DVFA has also banned the unauthorized removal of eggs or poultry from farms within 10 kilometers of the farm. End epidemicIt was recorded as the fourth and largest bird flu epidemic in Denmark since October last year.


Avian Flu is caused by a virus belonging to the influenza family. Most avian flu viruses do not cause illness in humans. However, some subtypes can be transmitted to humans.

Infected birds spread the avian flu virus with their saliva, mucous and faeces. Bird flu disease can be transmitted to humans through close or direct contact with sick or dead poultry.

bird flu Human infections with viruses can occur when the virus enters a person’s eyes, nose, or mouth through dirty hands, or when airborne viruses are inhaled.