Big weekend discount on A101 and SHOCK! 5L Sunflower oil, 30 boxes of eggs, 2 kg of granulated sugar, 16 boxes of toilet paper are sold for free! 24 September 2022 discount list

A101 and Şok Market weekend discount campaigns were announced. September 24, A101 current products catalog and Şok current products catalog starts with great cheapness.

A101 and Şok Market announced their weekend campaigns one after the other. With the affordable price guarantee on dozens of products, there will be a confluence in two markets this weekend. A101 September 24, 2022 current products catalog and ŞOK September 24, 2022 current products catalog have been published. Basic food products, cleaning products, personal care products and electrical household appliances will meet you at two markets this weekend at a discount. Those who are thinking of shopping at the weekend should not go shopping without seeing the campaign catalog of two famous supermarket chains. Because this weekend, at A101 and SHOCK, 5L Sunflower oil, 30 boxes of eggs, 2 kg of granulated sugar, 16 boxes of toilet paper will be sold almost for free. Here are the SHOCK and A101 weekend discounts…

Big weekend discount on A101 and SHOCK! 5L Sunflower oil, 30 boxes of eggs, 2 kg of granulated sugar, 16 boxes of toilet paper are sold for free! 24 September 2022 discount list. Şok Market and A101 market offer discounted product opportunities for the weekend as well as their campaigns on weekdays. Dozens of products special for this weekend will be on the shelves with affordable prices in two famous market chains that have announced their new campaigns. A101 24 September 2022 Stars of the Week catalog and shock 24 September 2022 weekend discounts were published on the websites of the markets. Especially those who want to shop for basic food products should not miss this opportunity. So, what’s on the A101 and SHOCK this weekend? A101 current and Shock Current weekend campaigns are in our news…


A101 market continues to appeal to consumers’ budgets with big discount campaigns on both Thursdays and Saturdays. With the current catalog of September 24, A101, the details of the stars of the week campaign have emerged. This weekend, all products of the A101 market will reach you at affordable prices. A101 September 24, 2022 stars of the week discounts are as follows;

Pınar Full Fat Cottage Cheese 500 gr 34.90 TL

Eti Lifalif Finely Ground Oatmeal 350 gr 17.95 TL

Eti Lifalif Oatmeal 500 gr 17.95 TL

Muratbey Full Fat Fresh Cheddar Cheese 500 gr 67.90 TL

Ülker Çokokrem Cocoa Hazelnut Cream 500 gr 32 TL

Ülker 9 Kat Tat Wafer Varieties 114 gr 7.95 TL

Zeo Black Olive 2000 gr 54.95 TL

Water 5 Liters 5.90 TL

Eti Finger Biscuits 900 gr 24.95 TL

Doritos Corn Chips 121 gr 8.50 TL

Coca Cola Carbonated Drink 1.25 Lite 9.95 TL

Fanta Orange Flavored Carbonated Drink 1.25 Liters 9.95 TL

Uni Baby Wet Towels 3×52 Pieces 24.95 TL

Kotex Hygienic Daily Pad 34 pcs 14.50 TL

Ipana Luxe 3D White Toothpaste 75 ml 19.95 TL

Fa Roll-on Varieties 50 ml 29.95 TL

Gillette Blue3 3-Blade Razor Set of 3 54.90 TL

Gliss Liquid Conditioner Types 200 ml 39.90 TL

Sea Color Hair Color Types 21.95 TL

Finish Dishwasher Gel Detergent 1100 ml 49.95 TL

Fairy Dishwashing Liquid 2600 ml 64.95 TL

Fairy All-in-One Dishwasher Capsule 100 pcs 249.90 TL

Marc Washing Machine Cleaner 250 ml 11.45 TL

Tursil Liquid Detergent 2860 ml 59.90 TL

Clean&Fun Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 10 pcs 44.90 TL

At the same time, there are extra discount campaigns for your purchases of 10 TL or more in the A101 market.


In addition to the discounts on Wednesday, Şok Market also publishes a new campaign catalog special for Saturdays. The list of products that will be on sale as of Saturday, September 24 is as follows;

Cotton single blanket 74.95 TL,

Microfiber Single Duvet 179.90 TL,

Cotton Double Blanket 89.95 TL,

Microfiber Double Duvet 209.90 TL

Silicone Micro Pillow 44.95 TL

Women’s / Men’s Winter Slippers 22.95 TL,

3-pack Ceoberry Men’s Socks 27.95 TL,

Chantale Women / Men Bamboo Socks 3.99 TL

Women’s Wellsoft House Shoe 17.95 TL

Degrade Acrylic Ball 15.95 TL,

Acrylic Ball 11.95 TL,

Tweed Acrylic Ball 15.95 TL

Silvery Acrylic Ball 15.95 TL,

Plush Keychain 19,99 TL

Discount opportunities in the current products campaign of Şok Market, which will go on sale this Saturday, are valid for a week. However, stocks are limited.

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