Biden says not being elected president in the House of Representatives “doesn’t look good for the country”

U.S. President Joe Biden said that the failure of the House Speaker to be elected in the five-time House of Representatives “does not look good for the country”.

According to a written statement from the White House, Biden answered journalists’ questions before his visit to Kentucky.

Biden evaluated that the fact that the Republican majority leader, Kevin McCarthy, could not be elected Speaker of the House of Representatives because he could not get enough votes from his party, and that the House could not begin to function, was not good for the country’s external outlook.

“I think it’s embarrassing that this job took so long.” Biden said, “We hope that the Republicans will overcome this crisis by acting together,” was celebrated.

Biden left unanswered the question about which of the parliamentary presidential candidates he prefers.


Former US President Donald Trump has called for a vote for Republican Kevin McCarthy, who failed to win a quorum from his own party, to become Speaker of the House five times in the House of Representatives.

In his message published on his social media site, TruthSocial, Trump stated that some “good consultations” were held on the night of the vote, and used the following expressions:

“Now is the time for all of our wonderful Republican lawmakers to vote for Kevin, end the matter, take the victory, and watch crazy Nancy Pelosi sadly return to her home, California.”

Trump urged Republicans “not to turn their victory into an embarrassing defeat.”

Sharing his view that party members deserve to celebrate their victory in the House of Representatives, Trump said, “Kevin McCarthy will do a good job, maybe even a great one.” used the phrase.

Trump-era Vice President Mike Pence also called for support for Kevin McCarthy.


The 2-year new legislative process of the 118th US Congress, which held its first session on January 3 after the midterm elections on November 8, 2022, started with the presidential election crisis.

In the five rounds of voting in the House of Representatives, the members could not elect the Speaker of the House.

The Republican majority leader, Kevin McCarthy, finally got 202 votes from his party, while 20 of the conservative Republicans voted for Jim Jordan, not allowing McCarthy to get a majority.

During the three votes, all 212 Democrats continued to vote for their party leader, Hakeem Jeffries.

Hakeem Jeffries, supported by prominent Democrats in the elections, received 212 votes in the fourth round, while Republican Kevin McCarthy received 201 and fellow Republican candidate Byron Donalds received 20 votes.

In the fifth round of voting, Republican candidate McCarthy had 202 votes.

Photo: AP