Banu Alkan, who turned 64 years old, couldn’t keep her pace! The speech she gave at the awards ceremony left everyone’s mouth open: I can get pregnant…

Famous star Banu Alkan, who is on the agenda with every statement she makes, fell like a bomb on the agenda with her last move. The 64-year-old singer, who attended the award ceremony, left mouths open with his speech. Those who heard were stunned, and in their minds ‘How can it be?’ The question began to be asked. Nobody expected this. Look, what kind of confession did the famous singer Banu Alkan make about her private life?

One of the most talked about names of the last period Banu Alkan, with his speech at the award ceremony he attended, fell like a bomb on the agenda. The 64-year-old famous singer said she could get pregnant on stage. While Alkan’s words created surprise for everyone, his fans asked, ‘How will this be?’ began to ask the question. Here is the confession from Banu Alkan that will be talked about a lot…

Striking Confession from BANU ALKAN

Famous singer Banu Alkan, nicknamed Aphrodite, fell like a bomb on the agenda with the statement she made at the award ceremony she attended. He confessed such things that everyone speaks these words. Saying “A new Aphrodite may be born”, Banu Alkan said she could become pregnant. 64-year-old Alkan officially shocked with these words.


Answering the questions of reporters in the award program she attended, Banu Alkan said, “I froze my eggs, I can have children at any time.” Saying that he has frozen his eggs for 17 years, Aphrodite shocked him with his statements.


Banu Alkan also announced that she would soon marry Kemal Yıldız, with whom she had a great love.


Banu Alkan, whose real name is Remka Rebroyna, which means “Wild Rose” in Croatian, was born on 1 April 1958 (then Yugoslavia) in Dubrovnik, Croatia, as the fifth child of a carpenter father. She immigrated with her family from Dubrovnik to Edremit district of Balikesir in December 1966.

As a family, they became Turkish citizens and took the surname “Alkan” and Remka became “Yaprak” and then “Banu”. Then they moved to Istanbul and resided in Kartal, where he spent most of his childhood. He started his education at Kartal Maltepe High School and took a break in the second year of high school. She started modeling, which was her dream in her youth, by attending LCC courses at the age of 16. She joined the cast of Aydan Adan-Füsun Özben Modeling Agency and took part in some commercials.

At the age of 17, the artist started dating Gürbüz Hanif, a married and wealthy businessman. This relationship, which lasted nearly 20 years, ended when Hanif died shortly after being diagnosed with cancer. Alkan had lived a very comfortable life during these 20 years. Banu Alkan did not appear for a long time after her last film in 1989.

In 1998, he made a name for himself by releasing an album called “Neremi”. The actor’s song, voice and commentary were criticized for a long time and became the center of attention. Alkan played in the television series “The Salt Dryers” in 2001 and “Brother Girl” in 2005. Banu Alkan is a name that has managed to make a name for itself with both the films she shot between 1975 and 1989 and the album she released. The artist, nicknamed “Aphrodite”, manages to stay on the agenda all the time, even though she doesn’t always get positive reactions. The artist, who ended his cinema career, continues to be among the unforgettable names of Turkish cinema.