Application for Promotion Payment Has Been Made! Promotion Statement Arrived

Banks’ retirement promotion campaigns continue in January as well. While the retirement promotion campaigns continue, the developments regarding the salary promotions of the employees are closely followed by many people. In this context, ministries, municipalities, universities, unions, directorates and various institutions continue to inform the public about promotional payments.

An Application Has Been Made For Promotion Payment

According to the statement made on the social media account of Adaba Bar Association, an application has been made for the payment of the promotion. Statement about the promotion application “We made a written request to the General Directorate of Turkish Vakıflar Bankası on 16.01.2023 to make promotional payments to Vakıfbank accounts, which our members of our bar association use very actively in their professional and private business. We respectfully present to the information of all our colleagues that we will follow the process for the acceptance of our requests.” statements were included.

Salary Promotions Announced

If an agreement is reached between the banks and institutions regarding the salary promotions of the employees, the public is informed. In the upcoming period, announcements regarding new promotional agreements may come from different institutions.