Anyone who comes to their house can receive an invoice.

A new campaign has started for natural gas and electricity bills. Yapı Kredi Bank offered an opportunity to earn 150 TL for automatic orders. Those who will pay their bills through automatic orders will be able to earn 150 TL. Here are the last days of the campaign to end.

While Yapı Kredi Bank continues to carry out campaigns in order to increase the number of its customers, it was decided to give 100 TL points to customers who placed 3 new automatic bill payment orders upon the new decision. However, it was shared that an extra 50 TL points will be given within the instructions given from the credit card.


In order to benefit from the campaign, which is valid between 11 December 2022 and 10 January 2023, 3 new instructions must be given.

Within the scope of the campaign, an extra 50 TL points are given for 3 new automatic payment orders you will place on your credit cards.

In order to benefit from the campaign, first of all, the TR ID number is sent to 4470 by typing INSTRUCTIONS and leaving a space.

Automatic payment must be made at least once between the given dates.

The points earned within the scope of the campaign are transferred to the credit or debit cards of the individuals until February 15, 2023.