Announcement from PTT has just arrived! 4A 4B 4C retirees will receive 3600 TL in cash

The PTT finally stepped in. An important last-minute development that concerns millions of retirees has just been announced. 4A 4B 4C retirees will receive free and non-refundable cash support if they apply. The details of the news emerged.

PTT has been silent for a while in pension promotion payments offered by public and private banks. This situation caused the reaction of the retiree as well. The move that millions of retirees have been waiting for from the PTT has finally arrived. PTT gave the good news of retirement promotion. Thousands of lira free and non-refundable cash support will be given to retirees who carry their salaries. Moreover, unconditional payment will be made. 4A 4B 4C retirees will be able to receive payment only by applying with their TR ID cards. Here are the details…


The good news that retirees have been waiting for has finally arrived. The promotional fee offered by private banks and public banks is now also available at PTT. The PTT, which was included in the race, made the announcement that would revive its retired customers. Retirees who apply to PTT branches with their TR ID card will have the chance to receive free and non-refundable cash in return for their 3-year promise. Moreover, there are no other conditions. It is enough just to carry a salary and sign a 3-year contract.


PTT’s current retirement promotion fees have also emerged. The new promotion figures of the PTT, which is preparing to pay according to the salary, are as follows:

Regardless of the salary, the promotion to be paid by the PTT for a 3-year commitment was 3600 TL.



The salary promotion campaign, which started on January 4 at the PTT, will be valid for 1 month. It will be sufficient to apply with a TR ID card only. No other terms or conditions are required. Anyone who receives a pension can benefit from this payment. In addition, widows and orphans’ pension recipients can apply to the campaign. Those who want to benefit from the promotion campaign can easily complete their application procedures by going to the PTT branches until February 4th. You can receive the promotion payment from your PTT account within 3 days after the application.