Air safety applications help from the USA to Ukraine

US military help to Ukraine

US Nationwide Security Advisor Sullivan, USAlaunched that Russia will give Ukraine a model new safety help bundle, which contains “vital air safety instruments”.

Sullivan talked about the bundle consists of “important air safety elements” akin to missiles for Hawk air safety applications and US Avenger air safety applications outfitted with Stinger missiles.

Stating that the US has equipped help to Ukraine for the twenty fifth time from the navy inventory, Pentagon Deputy Spokesperson Singh talked about inside the bundle, “Missiles for HAWK air safety applications; 4 Avenger air safety applications, 192 Stinger missiles; additional Extreme Mobility Artillery Rocket Methods (HIMARS). ammunition; 21,155 mm artillery shells; 500 precision-guided 155 mm artillery shells; 10,120 mm mortar rounds; 100 Extreme-Motion Multipurpose Wheeled Automobile (HMMWV); 400 grenade launchers; small arms, binoculars, and 20 million gentle arms ammunition He well-known that “we now have demolition instruments to clear obstacles and garments for cold local weather”.

The model new military help bundle to Ukraine is value 400 million {{dollars}}.

The US has equipped larger than $18.2 billion in weapons and instruments assist to Ukraine given that start of the battle on February 24.

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