A new tactic from Esra Ezmeci, who did not keep the program! Look what he did to watch “Muge and Esra came, their work is done”

Famous therapist and psychologist Esra Ezmeci is starting to draw attention to her social media posts. Ezmeci, who claims that she is trying to fix relations with her books and methods, also started to present the program “Karşıyasıya” on FOX TV. When the program, which started broadcasting in the summer, did not work, look what kind of method Esra Ezmeci used? He made comments to Ezmeci, “Muge and Esra came, you’re done”.

Esra Ezmeci, who brought her name to the forefront on social media and gained close to 5 million followers with her sexual content in a short time, started to present the program “Karşıya” on FOX TV. Ezmeci’s program, which turned this situation into an opportunity as the daytime programs entered the season break, became the only program watched. When other programs started broadcasting, Ezmeci’s views decreased. For this, Esra Ezmeci launched an interesting monitoring campaign. Look what he wrote to his followers on his social media account.


Esra Ezmeci, known as Haydar Dümeni in recent times, sat on the server seat after Fulya Öztürk’s departure on FOX TV. Ezmeci, which offers a daytime program, became the only program broadcasting in the summer, taking advantage of the holiday of other broadcasts. Esra Ezmeci, who was watched with the program Karşıyaka, which attracted the attention of the audience, fell into the background with the new broadcast of Müge Anlı and Esra Erol. Esra Ezmeci, who was worried about being watched, found the solution by distributing gold.



On his social media account, he said to his followers, “I will ask a question with this week’s Face to face program on Friday. I have a wonderful surprise for 3 people who can know. Have a great time – a question that anyone who knows me and watches correctly will know. By the way, I told you what the surprise was in my last live broadcast.” published. Ezmeci’s comments poured in a lot of comments, such as “Muge and Esra have arrived, their work is done”.


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