A country is waiting for President Erdogan: Our true friend

The people of the country, who are pleased with the official visit of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to Bosnia and Herzegovina on September 6, think that this visit will bring peace to the region.

Sarajevo residents shared their views on President Erdogan’s visit to their country with AA correspondent.

Expressing his happiness at the visit of President Erdogan and his business people to Bosnia and Herzegovina on September 6, Izet Medzedovic said, “Of course, I am happy with his visit and this is an important occasion. Erdogan is welcomed with respect in all countries in the region.” he said.

Amar Karadzic also stated that he thinks that President Erdogan and good relations with Turkey can solve the problems and cooperation between the countries of the region, adding, “Erdogan is a very important person and his visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and other countries in the region is very important for the economy and peace. ” said.


Salahudin Nezirovic said that he thinks President Erdogan’s visit is important both for Bosnia and Herzegovina and for the region, “We need to think carefully about who is our friend or not. Everyone acts like our friend, but they are not actually our friends. Erdoğan is our true friend.” used the phrases.

Sarajevo’s Husnija Kararic also noted that President Erdogan is a “true friend” of his country and thinks it will be helpful in solving many problems in the Balkans.

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