A company noticed, USOM stepped in! The great danger in national ports has been averted at the last moment!

The “Cyber ​​security vulnerability” detected in port operation systems, which is one of Turkey’s critical infrastructures, was fixed after it was reported to the National Cyber ​​Incidents Response Center (USOM). The cyber security team leader of the company, Ömer Yılmaz, who was seen in the USOM briefing, said, “A great danger has been overcome from the world.”

A company that works on cyber threats realized a very important danger while doing a cyber security test. According to a special report by Habertürk reporter Mustafa Şekeroğlu, “Cyber ​​security vulnerability” has been detected in port operation systems, which are the critical infrastructures of Turkey.


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This cyber security vulnerability was immediately reported to the USOM. Upon this warning, the USOM took action. He started a study on the emerging cyber threat and made a statement on the subject on his website. USOM advised system users and administrators to update the product. After the study, the cyber security vulnerability was fixed.


Ömer Yilmaz

Omer Yilmaz

We reached out to Ömer Yılmaz, the cyber security team leader of the company, who detected a cyber security vulnerability in port operation systems. Emphasizing that the danger was critical, Yılmaz said, “If the hackers had seized it. Which container would be loaded on which ship to the ships in the ports could be changed, changes could be made on where to go on the containers. Let me tell you, the hacker who entered the system could have sent the container load to be sent to Nigeria to America. “A great danger has been overcome all over the world. If this danger had not been noticed, the critical gap would still have continued. With this criticality, there may be disruptions in the ports and may lead to delays in deliveries,” he said.


USOM Telecommunication operates under the Directorate of Communications. It provides the development of measures to reduce or eliminate the effects of events that may occur by making alarms, warnings and announcements to the relevant parties or nationwide regarding the cyber threats detected in its studies.

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