6 children found in cellar in Austria

Austrian authorities wrote that a person was detained in the city of Obritz after 6 children were found in his cellar and that the suspect tried to attack 2 social workers with tear gas.

The British newspaper The Times wrote that the person detained was a conspiracy theorist named Tom Landon. According to the newspaper, guns purchased for a British company were found in the cellar.

According to the local police statement, after children’s voices were heard from Landon’s house, his neighbors informed the relevant units. When the police reached the cellar, they encountered a terrible sight. Authorities also stated that there are security cameras at the entrance and inside the cellar.

When police entered the cellar, they found Landon, his partner, who was estimated to be 40 years old, and the children, thought to be biological. It was stated that the ages of the children ranged from 7 months to 5 years.

Source: Austrian Police

Obritz Deputy Mayor Erich Greil said in a statement on the subject, “He is not from here and as we understand he came here a short time ago. We determined that he lived in England before.”

The family is believed to live in the network of tunnels that Obritz built.

It was stated that although Landon was arrested, there was no evidence of child abuse, and he was released the same evening, but expected to be charged with resisting state authority.

* The image of the news is provided by the Associated Press. It is a visual representation.