$12.7 million flown from Usain Bolt’s account

It was announced that $12.7 million in the account of Olympic champion Usain Bolt with an investment company was missing.

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt’s lawyer announced that $12.7 million was missing from his client’s account at a private investment firm in Jamaica, The Guardian newspaper reported, citing local Jamaican media.

Bolt’s lawyer, Linton P Gordon, said Bolt had $12.8 million in his investment account at Stocks & Securities, but currently only $12,000 left.

Bolt’s lawyers wrote to the firm, “We hope not, but if this is true, our client is facing serious fraud or theft charges.” said.

Lawyers said that if the money is not returned to the account within 10 days, it will open a civil and criminal case.

The company confirmed the scam

Stocks & Securities said it discovered the scam earlier this month, and many of its customers may have lost millions of dollars. “We understand that customers want information and we take all necessary steps.. When we have information, we guarantee to share it with our customers” said.

On the other hand, Jamaican Finance Minister Nigel Clarke described the situation as worrying but noted that it was unusual.