What is your network worth?

What is your network worth?

Do you struggle with making connections or find it hard to get where you want to be? Today’s social media world is powered by one thing: relationships. Therefore,  your network is your net worth. What is your network worth and are you growing it?

“Transform your networking by assessing the thoughts and behaviors that are holding you back. “

networkIn Porter Gale’s new book, Your Network is your Net Worth, she discusses how you can create your authentic foundation to discover what’s holding you back and how to move forward. She gives tips to focus on your passions and define your purpose to build on those passions.  Using her real life experiences and interviews with others, Porter lays out a road map for networking. Networking is a skill that can benefit anyone from a teacher, to a student to anyone in business or social media. We all need to connect with others to pursue and execute our dreams and plans.

In one chapter, Porter talks about Positive Productivity and connecting purpose to action. Her top tips from this chapter are:

1. Take small actions to solve large problems.

2. Maximize pivot points.

3. Remember that collaboration aids success.

4. Streamline your time on the internet.

5. Unsubscribe to emails as much as possible.

6. Do mix business with pleasure.

Each chapter gives you a summary with easy to follow exercises and top tips to boost your networking IQ.

“Get your foot in the door, secure a meeting, or simply get advice; the Ask is a skill people hone over time. With the support of your network, learn to ask for help, move your projects forward and live your purpose.”

This is the slideshow of the summary I created on Storify from our one hour Twitter chat with Porter.

Who is Porter Gale?

Porter Gale is a marketing expert with over 20 years of experience working in branding, social media, advertising and filmmaking. Her first book, Your Network Is Your Net Worth will be published by Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster in 2013.

Ms. Gale is an advisor for several companies, including: Dollarshaveclub.com, WePay.com, The Michael Mina Group, Rocket Fuel, Peoplebrowsr, Zozi.com and Zuberence. She is also a member of the National Speakers Association and frequently presents talks on social media, networking, branding and customer loyalty.

From 2007 to 2011, Ms. Gale was Vice President of Marketing at Virgin America. Prior to Virgin America, she was a consultant with a diverse array of clients. She also held the post of General Manager at Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners San Francisco. She was awarded the Changing The Game Award, by The Advertising Women of New York (AWNY), was on AdAge’s Digital Hotlist, iMedia Top 25-Digital Marketers and named a Digital Passionista by The Huffington Post.

From Amazon:

“New ways to network are popping up every day—and Gale tells you how to make the most of them—but even traditional networking opportunities are not the same animals that they once were, and we need to shift our attitudes and approaches accordingly. Networking has evolved from a transactional game to a transformational process. Whereas once it was about power plays, now it’s about charting your own course, following your passions, and making meaningful connections, which in turn increase your happiness and productivity.

In addition to chronicling her own rise from an ad agency intern to an in-demand consultant, Gale also shares the inspiring stories of so many others who live by this networking model: a military wife who connects with social media communities while her husband is deployed overseas, a young woman blogger battling leukemia, a dyslexic politician who wins elections by telling stories, and the CEO of a Major League Baseball team who once made a phone call that changed the course of his life. When you focus on your passions and reorganize your networking around your values and beliefs, you will discover the kind of lasting relationships, personal transformation, and, ultimately, tangible wealth that are the foundation for happiness and success. With a message both timely and important, Your Network Is Your Net Worth is the definitive handbook to Networking 2.0.”


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