Ziraat Bank Announced! 300 TL Payment will be made!

With the announcement made by Ziraat Bank, one of the state-owned state banks and one of the most preferred banks in our country, it was announced that customers who issue additional cards will be paid 100 TL and a total of 300 TL.

Recently, new campaigns continue to be added to the campaigns frequently developed by both public and private banks. With this new campaign, which was added by Ziraat Bank among these campaigns, which were frequently announced by many banks, it was shared that customers who issue an additional card from the bank for the first time will be paid 100 TL or more for their spending of 100 TL and a total of 300 TL.

What are the Campaign Conditions?

It is observed that people who want to benefit from the payment of up to 300 TL offered within the scope of this new campaign developed by Ziraat Bank, meet certain conditions. The main conditions demanded by the bank are as follows;

  • Offer March 31, 2023 valid until date.
  • The campaign is on a customer basis and Bankkart Lira earnings will be valid for 3 additional cards that a customer will receive for the first time from our Bank.
  • The campaign is valid for additional card applications made through all application channels.
  • Our customers, who applied for an additional card during the campaign period and will be the first additional card holder from our Bank, will receive a one-time payment with their supplementary card. 100 TL and above expenses 100 TL Bankcard Lira will be given.
  • A customer will be able to earn Bankkart Lira for a maximum of 3 additional card applications during the campaign period. With each additional card, he will be able to earn 100 TL for spending 100 TL or more at a time, and 300 TL for 3 additional cards in total.
  • In order to earn 300 TL Bankkart, it is necessary to spend with 3 additional cards. Bankkart Lira will be loaded for additional cards spent.
  • Transactions for which Bankkart Lira will be given within the scope of the campaign can be made in cash or in installments.
  • Bankkart Lira April 10, 2023 will be loaded on the cards.
  • If the additional card is canceled within 6 months after loading Bankkart Lira, the loaded Bankkart Lira will be taken back.

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The main campaign conditions are as follows, and those who want to have more detailed information about the campaign can get detailed information from Ziraat Bank’s official website, Ziraat Mobile application and call centers.

The scope and conditions of the campaign may change and Ziraat Bank reserves the right to change.