Zelensky announced the arrival of NASAMS missile systems in Ukraine

Zelensky announced the arrival of NASAMS missile systems in Ukraine

Zelenskiy, as the guest of Margaret Brennan on CBS News, covered the latest developments in the Ukraine-Russia war.

Thanking US President Joe Biden and the US Congress for their support to Ukraine, Zelenskiy said, “We have received NASAMS. These are air defense systems.” used the phrase.

Pointing out that these systems are not enough to protect infrastructures such as schools and hospitals from Russian attacks, Zelenskiy emphasized that they have to provide the necessary security and financial support to return Ukrainians to their homes.

Zelenskiy, who also requested tanks from the USA, said, “If the USA shows its leadership and gives us the tanks, Germany and other European countries will follow this step. If we buy tanks from the USA, I think the European allies will also help us save the Ukrainian cities from the occupation with tanks.” he said.

Pointing to the referendum that Russia will hold in some parts of Ukraine, Zelenskiy said, “These referendums are a dangerous message that Putin will not end this war.” made its assessment.

Brennan’s “Do you believe there will be peace in Europe as long as Putin stays in power?” Zelenskiy replied, “No, there is only one answer to that and that is no.” gave the answer.

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