Zelenskiy rented his Tuscany villa to the Russians

WALL – It was alleged that Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelenskiy, who has been at war with Russia for 6 months, rented his villa in Tuscany, Italy to the Russians.

According to the Italian newspaper Il Tirreno, the Ukrainian leader rented his house for a month in August to a Russian couple living in London. It was stated that the couple paid 50 thousand dollars to stay in the villa for a month. The Italian newspaper wrote that the photos of the luxury villa shared by the couple on social media also confirmed the situation.

Speaking to Corriere Della Serra, a real estate agent denied the claim, saying that the tenants were not Russian, but could not disclose further due to privacy reasons. An eyewitness said the couple spoke Russian. The newspaper stated that the tenants were most likely of Russian origin, but they lived in England and were British citizens.

The Ukrainian leader bought the luxury house in the coastal town of Forte dei Marmi for 4 million euros when he was still an actor.


Zelenskiy said last month that Russians should be banned from entering EU countries and said “Russians should live in their own world for a while until they change their minds”. In a statement he made in March, the leader of Ukraine said that the Italian government should confiscate all Russian assets, houses and yachts. (NEWS CENTER)