Yusuf Erdogan statement from Samsunspor President Yildirim! First we agreed…

Stating that each league has its own characteristics, President Yıldırım said, “We learned this league, I hope we will break the devil’s leg. We have moved from apprenticeship to journeyman, but we still haven’t reached the level of mastery. When we get to the Super League, we will have our mastery certificate. TFF and Sport We have no income except Toto incomes. As Samsunspor, we are a well-known company, so I alone cover the financing. When we started this business, we set ourselves a high goal. In the first 2 years, we said that if necessary, we will hit and break and go to a higher league. We lost 1 year when we couldn’t come out in the first year. Due to the table-top games played against us in the second half of the league, we could not go to the top league despite getting 70 points. Our coach asked us to exclude 2 players that I paid 1 million Euros for if you want to be champion. In such cases, teams send their coaches, but I did not want to refuse this request. Players come to Samsunspor with their talents, but they stay with their characters. I entered this business as a social responsibility project. As an exemplary club, we need to be in the Super League. The city of Samsun has a dream, but the referees have become our nightmare.”

“Yusuf Erdogan, when he was going to sign for Samsunspor, said ‘my father does not want’ and signed a contract with Adana Demirspor”

Yusuf ErdoganWhen asked about the transfer of Yuksel Yildirim“We made an agreement with Yusuf Erdogan’s manager, Trabzonspor Club and himself. SamsunsporWhile we were waiting for him to come to sign, he agreed with Adana Demirspor by saying ‘my father does not want’. However, we cannot blame the actor. I became the president of Samsunspor not to do what everyone else did, but to do what has not been done. I built one of Turkey’s rare facilities for a club without an infrastructure since its establishment. Our goal is to enter the top two from day one and go to the Super League. The Eyüpspor match we will play this week is worth 6 points for us. We come to Istanbul to get points or points. I hope it will be a good match, in which the referees manage fairly.”