Yusuf Demir’s reaction to Okan Buruk from Tolunay Kafkas: If he goes forward…

Former national football player and coach of the Hope National Team Tolunay Kafkas, Score TVHe made special statements to Arda Güler, Yusuf Demir and Emirhan İlkhan.


Speaking about the 19-year-old football player Yusuf Demir, whom Galatasaray bought from Rapid Wien, Kafkas said, “The necessary initiatives, especially in the youth national teams, about Yusuf, I will mention by name. Nedim teacher, our teacher Güngör were interested. We invited him, we have articles in our hands. Yusuf Demir played for the Austrian Ümit National Team when I was the coach of the Ümit National Team. It was out of the question for us to recruit Yusuf Demir to the Ümit National Team, as per the procedure. Yusuf Demir had to make a choice. For the National Team. He would either choose us or the Austrian National Team. When other people get in the way and say other things, the dimensions of the business go the other way. Okan Buruk is my friend. You need to speak with knowledge of the words he uses. Let me tell you that much in these matters.

If he goes forward, I will answer him. Because the young national team coaches here and we make a lot of effort and try to do this with little opportunities. Therefore, it is necessary to speak correctly and give correct information. I respect. The fact that Yusuf Demir chose the Austrian National Team is his choice, but I think we have shown the necessary care about Yusuf Demir. There is a very important player in Hoffenheim. He also plays for the German national teams. I will go and talk to him. I will do my best to come. There is nothing missing from the professors about Yusuf Demir. It may have happened with other players, but we did our best for Yusuf Demir.”


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