Yusuf Demir acquitted from Galatasaray – Football

Erden Timur, Deputy Minister of Galatasaray Sportif A, made an acquittal to Beyaz TV.

Timur, to the question about the situation of Yusuf Demir, “Yusuf is ultimately Turkish. We should not think about this only on the basis of Yusuf. There is a lot of players like Yusuf, the issue is not the issue of Yusuf. The issue is not the issue of Galatasaray. Let me say that we have a lot of Turkish children there who are Turkish citizens. It is also against the 10th article of the Constitution. It is against the article of right. When these children come to Turkey, they can buy it directly in another place. But then they need to get permission to receive it. There is a difference there. Among our players, the players who have an Italian passport are also in another country, but when they go to Italy, they play as Italians. “It’s the same in other countries. If he has a dual passport in Europe, he plays in the same way. If he doesn’t play for the Austrian National Team, if he plays for the Turkish National Team, he will play as an Austrian citizen in Austria. So we are one of the rare countries that implement this like this. It needs to be resolved.” said.

On the other hand, Erden Timur, “Will you see with the President or the TFF about Yusuf’s situation?” As for the following question, “There is no question of us going to the TFF Minister or the President for Yusuf Demir.” he residence.

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