YouTube is completely changing! Here is the new design

Popular video platform YouTubecontinues to receive significant design changes for the mobile and web version. The new design affecting the video page will make the interface look much more stylish and useful. Pill-shaped resizing of boxes and “Ambience Mode” draw attention.

YouTube video page switches to pill design

YouTube in recent weeks; Android, iOS and went through various design changes for the web version. Earlier shorts The platform updated its section, now the video page. overhauled. In the new design, we see that the boxes are shaped into pills, the like/dislike buttons are combined, and the comments come to the fore.

YouTube’s new page design According to this, the name of the channel will now be placed between the title of the video and interactable buttons such as like/dislike. Just below the slider buttons, the most popular comment will be highlighted.

Good news for content producers from YouTube Shorts!

Good news for content producers from YouTube Shorts!

YouTube paves the way for making money on Shorts. The feature is also used on the TikTok platform. Here are the details…

Android, iOS and web The new video page design, which is stated to be released for distribution, “Ambient Mode“It also draws attention to its feature. Thanks to this mode, the general colors of the video dominate the home page design and a much more elegant interface is obtained.

The redesigned pill buttons also have their own background color, regardless of light or dark mode. YouTube emphasizes that the buttons will be much more stylish and useful this way. The new design also makes the description part of the video much more obvious.

The video page, designed from the ground up by YouTube, is now globally distributed. If you have not seen the new design in the mobile application or web version, an update will be shared in a few days.

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