Your back will not come down, Ahmet Hakan! Come on

Ahmet Hakan added a new one to his articles in which he both praised and cursed the same name. Hakan, who openly criticized Tarkan in his last article, bowed to criticism from Tarkan supporters today and said, “I did not write a single letter that could be counted against Tarkan.” Hakan stated the following in his article that he could not put Tarkan on the ground in Hürriyet:

“I didn’t write a single letter that could be counted against Tarkan.

I just said, “I wish he didn’t try to be a political figure,” with all my good intentions.



Wow, are you the one who said that?

There is no swearing or insult that I have not heard from Tarkan’s so-called supporters.


Tarkan’s so-called supporters have been trying to make Tarkan the “semi-official soloist of the Republican People’s Party” lately.


Here’s what they expect from Tarkan:


Let the CHP fly its flag, let it fall in front of them, crush all those who have supported the AK Party or MHP from far and close, let them embrace only themselves, overthrow the government and bring themselves to power.


Anyone who doesn’t live like them, don’t think like them, doesn’t make choices like themselves…

They’re going with Tarkan.


“We have Tarkan, what’s wrong with them” kind of insults…

Don’t be too hard on the distinction between “us” and “they”…

Shaking the crowd concert photos to those they don’t like with a Tarkan stick…



So what does Tarkan do in response to this?


I carefully read the statement he made after the Historical Izmir Concert.

Tarkan’s highlights were something like this:


– Becoming one heart!

– Hug each other with love and tolerance with all our differences!

– Hugs to everyone!

– Seeing our differences as our colors!

– Treating each other with love and respect regardless of opinions, thoughts, beliefs!


Tarkan’s so-called supporters…

They have a lot to learn from Tarkan.”


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