You won’t believe your eyes… They turned live cockroaches into robots!

Creation Date: September 06, 2022 14:35

Advances in science can sometimes reach dimensions that frighten us all. With their latest work, scientists have turned a cockroach into a cyborg, that is, a kind of robot. So what do you think these cockroaches will be used for?


Earlier this year, neuroengineers from Rice University figured out how to hack fruit flies’ brains to control them remotely.

Describing the research as the “holy grail” of neurotechnologies, the researchers claimed it could be used in everything from the treatment of diseases to the development of brain-machine interfaces.

Research using new scientific methods and technologies to manipulate and control insects has been very popular lately.


In a new study with this intention, this time cockroaches were used.

The research was published Sept. 5 in the science journal NPJ Flexible Electronics.

You won't believe your eyes... They turned live cockroaches into robots

Scientists have discovered how to remotely control cockroaches with solar panels.class=”medianet-inline-adv”>


Researchers in Japan have created cyborg cockroaches equipped with wireless technology that allows them to be controlled remotely.

Cyborg cockroaches can be used to inspect dangerous areas or monitor the perimeter of hard-to-reach places.

A team from the Riken institute’s Leading Research Group (CPR) experimented with Madagascar cockroaches, using wires to stimulate the leg segments of these 6 cm long creatures.

Cyborg is the name given to beings with biological and artificial parts. It is an abbreviation of the term cybernetic organism. Although they are not truly robots, they can be used for tasks performed by robots.

An ultra-thin device that charges batteries placed on the backs of insects in specially fitted backpacks. solar panel placed.

After charging the battery with so-called sunlight for 30 minutes, the researchers were able to turn the cockroaches left and right with a remote control.


Researchers of the system for inspecting hazardous areas or monitoring the perimeter of hard-to-reach places built cyborg they hope it could be used on cockroaches.

cyborg cockroach Earlier attempts to create such technology involved replacing batteries or using a wired setup, but these methods may not be suitable for potential use cases of such technology.

You won't believe your eyes... They turned live cockroaches into robots

CAN ALSO BE APPLIED TO FLYING INSECTSclass=”medianet-inline-adv”>

Dr Kenjiro Fukuda, a senior research fellow at Riken, who led the study, said: “Given the deformation of the chest and abdomen during basic movement, a hybrid electronic system consisting of rigid and flexible elements in the ribcage and ultra-soft devices in the abdomen appears to be an effective design for cyborg cockroaches. ” he said and added:

“Furthermore, since abdominal deformation is not specific to cockroaches, our strategy could be adapted to other insects such as beetles and even flying insects such as cicadas in the future.”

*Photos used in the article are from Riken institute’s Cluster for Pioneering Research