You will have participating with your phone! Campaign details announced

A special campaign for the new year came from Akbank. As the countdown to 2023 begins, it has been announced that those who have an account with Akbank will be given a Christmas gift. While free gift draws were being organized, the iPhone made its mark on the agenda that it would be given free of charge. Here are the different campaign details from Akbank…

Shortly before 2023, Akbank announced that it had launched a crazy campaign. While it was announced that Christmas gifts would be distributed, it was underlined that those who have an Akbank account can benefit from this. While the campaigns for the retirement promotions of the banks continue, the ones who are curious about the gifts mentioned are in our news.


It was stated that those who have the Akbank mobile application on their phones will be given gifts by the bank. Gifts will be distributed to those who have an Akbank account as part of the New Year’s draw. While finding many gift holders, attention was paid to the explanations from Akbank for details on the subject.


5 iPhone 13s,

5 Apple Watches,

5 electric scooters,

5 playstations

5 goPros

It has been announced that the last day to take advantage of the aforementioned campaign is 31 December. Details regarding the campaign were published on Akbank’s official website.

Valid between -8-31 December 2022.

-In order to participate in the campaign, only the Akbank credit card and akbank krat holder must be within the body of the individual customer.

-Each person has 3 drawing rights to participate in the campaign.

-The first winners of the lottery are those who participate in the campaign via the Akbank mobile application.

-Akbank A.Ş reserves the right to make changes in the campaign conditions.

– In all campaign participations to be made within Akbank Mobile, if any of the mobile phone number and Name-Surname information of our customers participating in the campaign is missing in our bank, the right to draw will not be granted.