You will be shocked: Bill Gates’ mosquito factories!

Commenting on Bill Gates’ putting a mosquito photo on the main page of his Twitter account, researcher and writer Murat Akan said that this means that this project will be one of the most important projects of globalists and Gates in the coming years.

Akan, who shared a video about the project on the Youtube page, said;

“Some of our friends are disturbed by what we are talking about here. They say I spread pessimism, pessimism. If you try to flavor it with honey while talking about poison, you’re doing a trick-or-treating. You play polyannaism. It is necessary to tell life as it is. So these genetically modified mosquitoes are truly one of the most important global projects that will plague humanity in the coming years.”


Pointing out that genetically modified mosquitoes can be used as biological weapons all over the world, Akan continued as follows:

“Bill Gates isn’t just dealing with this project. However, he is busy with every problem of the world. These mosquitoes could be released as ‘soldier mosquitoes’ on people tomorrow. Their biological material can be used to spread new viruses. It could be any kind of biological weapon. Because their factories were established. Currently, there are 11 countries where these factories are located. After a while, they will establish these factories in all countries. They will sell the produced mosquitoes to countries as ‘live that kills poisonous mosquitoes’. They will also serve the Pentagon by making it a biological soldier.”


“Bill Gates has written a book called ‘How can we prevent future pandemics’. Those who think Gates is a philanthropist are wrong. In fact, they love money, they like to establish a “new world order” in line with their own perverted thoughts. If they truly loved humanity, they would spend it on the real need of the world. All of Bill Gates’ secrets are in that book. There are many suggestions, many names in that book. When the place and time comes, they will take it out of the book and put it before humanity. The WHO chief also introduced that book. Why?.. “The best doctor in the world”!.. What is Bill Gates’ main occupation? Computer technology… Even so, it is busy with epidemic, climate, mosquito diseases…”


The reason for writing this book is: If Bill Gates dies, the person who will be appointed in his place will deal with the hidden secrets in that book and continue. He didn’t just write a book, either. Names such as Elon Musk and Zuckerberg did not appear in front of the world public as it was explained. There is another mind that puts these on display and earns them money. These are the assignments.


“I talked about the Sun Valley conferences earlier, namely Silicon Valley. The World Economic Forum talked about topics such as Bilderberg, but Sun Valley meetings are not talked about much. These meetings, together with many names like the ones we have mentioned, usually come together in the USA in July of each year under the pretext of a holiday. They determine who will buy which company, which investment will be made, what will be discussed in that year, what innovations will be worked on, and they start a program accordingly. These are not people who have become rich by themselves. From time to time they are asked to fulfill their assigned tasks.


From Gates, robbing states through the health system and changing the same system. His task is to change everything that is natural. I mentioned Gates’ project to make trees GMO. Supposedly the air could have been kept cleaner. What do they do with such genetic interventions? They play godliness with such projects. What did Bill Gates say? “I am doing the work that God left unfinished…” Hasha puts herself in God’s place. One feature of globalists is deification! In other words, they want to profess deity by destroying everything that is natural and creating a new one. They try ways that the devil never thought possible. They have all kinds of possibilities, they have power behind them.


Gates released 3 billion mosquitoes produced in factories. On the other hand, there is the artificial cloud project. He talks about blocking the sun and preventing the sun’s rays from coming to the earth. If I were to do such projects, they would throw me in jail as crazy. The mosquito project started in Florida, USA. Gates is just the person in front of the window. You have to see the mind behind it. These names are tongs. The curlers of the global oligarchy. What was David Rockefeller saying? At the Bilderberg meeting held in Baden Baden, Germany in 1991, “Superstate structures consisting of bankers and elites…” Bill Gates’s book about what could happen in the future is about this…