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Millions of citizens who want to buy a vehicle follow the prices closely. While the drivers who made price inquiries returned empty-handed, the second-hand vehicle market started to move. While exchange rates were called the chip crisis, the increase in new car prices also affected used car prices. Good news for drivers who want to buy a used vehicle. Here are all the details on the subject…

The recent increase in vehicle prices has also made drivers unhappy. Drivers who go to the car market to do market research cannot hide their surprise at the prices. People who do not want to buy new vehicles prefer to get away from there as they see the prices while heading to the second-hand vehicle market. While the exchange rates and the chip crisis affected new vehicle prices, second-hand vehicle prices were also greatly affected by this situation. Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati made an important statement concerning those who want to buy a vehicle. A statement to those who want to buy second-hand cars came from Yapı Kredi Bank. Here are all the details on the subject…


The global chip crisis has also seriously affected vehicle prices in countries. In addition, the increase in zero vehicle taxes makes it difficult to buy a vehicle day by day. For those who want to buy a vehicle, the age limit and credit limit create a difficult situation. A remarkable statement was made for those who want to buy a second-hand vehicle. Yapı Kredi Bank announced that citizens who apply will receive loans for second-hand vehicles up to the age of 10 with a maturity of 48 months and reasonable interest rates.


Yapı Kredi Bank took its place on the agenda with a campaign that surprised those who want to buy a vehicle. It was announced that loans were given with an interest rate of 2.49% for new and second-hand vehicle loans. It was stated that the interest rate applied for commercial vehicle loans was 1.86%.