‘You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo’

Shakira, who ended her 12-year relationship with Spanish star football player Gerard Pique after allegations of ‘cheating’, released a new song with the theme of separation. ‘Music Sessions #53’introduced it to its audience.

It was alleged that Shakira targeted her ex-wife Pique and her lover with her ‘attack’ words.

The lyrics of the new song of the Colombian singer working with Argentine DJ Bizarrap are as follows:

“I won’t get back to you, don’t cry for me or beg me/ I realize it’s not my fault they criticize you/ I just make music, sorry if it bothers you.”


The phrases “You think you hurt me but you made me stronger/ Women don’t cry anymore, they turn it into profit” in the lyrics became a hot topic on social media.

In the words of the 45-year-old singer “I wish you good luck with my supposed backup/ I don’t even know what happened to you/ You’re so weird I don’t even recognize you/ I’m worth two 22-year-old girls. You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo. You traded a Rolex for a Casio” It was claimed that he was referring to Pique with his words.

The song reached more than 63 million views on its first day of release.