You praised poverty to the people, you traveled by Mercedes, by private plane.

WALL – Fatih Altaylı, in HabertürkIs religion just worship?‘, criticizing the President of Religious Affairs, Ali Erbaş, and saying, “The interfaith dialogue head of Religious Affairs complained that young people do not go to mosques and do not pray, and said that it is necessary to find out the reason for this. There is no need for a long research. If you look in the mirror in the morning, you If you bother to read it, you will understand why.”

Altaylı wrote in his article, “Even the last talk you said is actually the cause. Because you did not see what you call religion as a whole of belief, a philosophy, an understanding, a lifestyle. You thought religion was only ‘worshipping’. Because you did not understand religion. Understanding “It didn’t work for you. You cared about going to the mosque. But you didn’t care if the money in the pocket of the person who entered the mosque was bribe money. Before you came to the mosque, you didn’t see if his mistress came out of her bosom. You cared about the Qur’an course, but you didn’t worry about what was done to the infants in that Qur’an course,” he said.

Altayli said:

“You fulfilled the demands of Allah, whom you claim to believe in, to worship Him, but you did not listen to his words about the rights of the people. You used the name of Allah and the religion he commanded for your own interests, but you did not use it for the society. You praised poverty to the people, you traveled by private plane with your Mercedes. That’s why young people don’t go to mosques, Sir, you emptied those mosques.

You have built huge mosques that are not visited and worshiped in, and you are building them. If you had built factories where young people could get jobs instead of those mosques, maybe the mosques would be full. But the young people saw that what you want to fill is not actually mosques. So don’t blame the young people. If not worshiping is a crime, you are the culprit behind it.” (NEWS CENTER)