You may have thousands of liras left in the banks! The savings of years are deposited in your account with a single application: The decision has just been made

Some of the new money demanded by banks due to heavy housing loan purchases will now be repaid. The Ministry of Treasury and Finance clarified this issue.

As it is known, the borrower had to have life insurance as a donation condition of the bank when buying a house. If you wanted to buy a car, it was a requirement to have the car insured. If you wanted to get a loan from a bank, you had to take out this insurance. The same was done for the expert reports. As banks used lower-interest loans, they increased the amount refunded on such payments. This situation paved the way for unjust enrichment.

These payments will no longer be made in credit transactions. After that, this program will be terminated beyond the common credit principle. Bank customers do not need to use another service while using a service. Under consumer law, such obligations are considered a crime. This means that you no longer have to buy a house and take out life insurance, or buy a car and take out personal auto insurance. The same applies to assessment fees.

Consumer rights are protected when there is coercion in this regard. If necessary, you can apply to state and local arbitration courts. If the insurance transaction is carried out without the consent of the debtor, not only the bank, but also the bank and the transaction agent will be liable and prosecuted.


The easiest and most technical way is to use the withdrawal time period. You can notify your insurance company that you have withdrawn from the service within 15 days from the date you took out the insurance. Alternatively, if you haven’t received any information about it, you can apply up to one month later.

But even when those days are over, there is still more that can be done. Among other things, you can count on the Insurance Arbitration Board of the Insurance and Reinsurers Association of Turkey. Now you can easily get your money back. Ideally, if you have money on this, go to the appropriate bank and apply.