Wynonna Judd talks about her last concert with her mom, Naomi Judd

This famous mother and daughter we are talking about is musician Naomi Judd, who died unexpectedly last year, and her daughter Wynonna Judd, with whom she shared the same stage for a long time. Most likely, this surname sounds familiar to you. Because Naomi and her daughter Wynonna, who have worked together in the music field for more than 30 years, are the mother and older sister of actress Ashley Judd. Naomi Judd killed herself in her own home in April last year, leaving both of her daughters in deep sorrow. Although her actress daughter Ashley went to Naomi’s house to visit her on the last day, her other daughter Wynonna, whom she was always closer to, was the famous singer’s; she told about her last period in this world, the last concert they shared the same stage together.

‘It was obvious that something was going wrong’
Wynonna, 58, who was a guest on Hoda Kotb’s podcast Making Space, said that her mother was very fragile at the Country Music Awards night, the last concert they performed together on April 11 last year. I knew,” he said. She emphasized that her attitude in that last concert, where they performed the song “Love Can Build a Bridge” in particular, caused her great anxiety. By the way, let’s remind you that that concert took place just two weeks before Naomi Judd’s death.

Wynonna Judd commented on this, saying, “I guess she hadn’t been singing in a long time so she was like that.” Naomi Judd, 76, hadn’t really been singing for a long time when she took the stage that night. Wynona then made a very poignant statement about her mother: “I think their worlds get smaller as our parents get older. She was starting to sit up late at night. Whereas she never did. I guess she was nervous at the time.”

He had lost his famous mother in a heartbreaking way: At that last concert, I wanted to take his wig off his head.

Wynonna Judd also touched on another issue about her mother that surprised her at that last concert. Her mother added that Naomi started using a very strange and unusual wig, which was a surprise to her. That’s why he was a little annoyed at his mother, his words suggest: “The first thought in my mind was: ‘No, I’m not going to hug him and comfort him. I want to pull the wig off his head.”

According to WynoNna Judd, in that last period of her life, her mother, Naomi, was as if she were not herself. Wynona said she didn’t take the wig off her head, but she reached out and touched his hand as if to indicate that she was with him. Wynonna added that she was happy to do this on the show she was a guest on. He explained why: “Because this was our last performance together.”

WE LOSE OUR BEAUTIFUL MOTHER: Just 19 days after this incident, Naomi Judd, 76, took her own life using a firearm. As Naomi Judd’s daughters Ashley and Wynonna recount after this tragic event, Naomi had been battling depression for a long time. “Today, we sisters, are experiencing a great tragedy. We lost our beautiful mother due to some mental problems. We were shattered. We are in deep grief. We know that the public loves her as much as we do,” the two brothers said in a joint statement on their loss. in this statement.

He had lost his famous mother in a heartbreaking way: At that last concert, I wanted to take his wig off his head.

When the news of Naomi Judd’s death was first heard, the reason was not explained. But later her youngest daughter, 54-year-old Ashley Judd, announced that Naomi Judd took her own life, saying, “It will be heard anyway, at least hear it from us.” In September of last year, Judd was the guest of Dianne Sawyer on Good Morning America; “My mother used a firearm. This is information that we are uncomfortable sharing. But we realized that if we don’t tell it, someone else will.”

He had lost his famous mother in a heartbreaking way: At that last concert, I wanted to take his wig off his head.

Ashley Judd recounted that she was at her mother’s house on that last day, but could not prevent the tragedy. Judd, who lives a few miles away from her mother, went to her house that last night, she says. About that day, Judd said: “I was visiting my mother’s house every day. It was a complicated day. My mother asked me if I would stay the night, and I told her I would.”

After this conversation, Ashley Judd told Ashley Judd that her mother, Naomi, went upstairs. She said that in the meantime, the doorbell rang and a friend came to visit Naomi, She. this much news When he went upstairs to give a gift, he found his mother covered in blood. Judd told the following about those moments on the show he was a guest of, “It was both great pain and trauma to find him like that. My mother was dying in my arms, and I told her, ‘you will see your father and your brother soon.”

WE WANTED TO HELP OTHERS: Ashley Judd added that they decided to make this statement because she said her mother had been struggling with some mental problems for a long time and they wanted to help other people in this situation.

He had lost his famous mother in a heartbreaking way: At that last concert, I wanted to take his wig off his head.

After this great shock, Ashley Judd and her older sister Wynona Judd, who is a famous singer like her mother and even formed a duo with her, experienced another shock. Naomi Judd’s will was announced and it was revealed that the famous singer did not leave a single penny from her inheritance to her daughters. Famous singer Naomi Judd did not leave a penny or a single property to her two daughters from her $ 25 million fortune. Instead, she handed over the management of her entire fortune to her husband of 33 years, Larry Strickland.

In her will, Naomi Judd demanded that her husband have “full authority over their property”. In addition, according to the clause in the will, Strickland was entitled to a reasonable compensation for his services in this regard.

HE HAS MENTAL COMPETENCE: It turns out that Naomi Judd had prepared this will on November 20, 2017, five years before her death. It has been proven by documents that Naomi Judd, who has been struggling with depression throughout her life, was in good mental health when she prepared her will and that she made all these arrangements on her own will. When the famous singer Judd signed her will, one of the senior executives of a law firm operating in Tennesse and another person witnessed this. Both witnesses stated that when Naomi Judd signed her will, she “had a solid mind and memory, was under no pressure, and was fully qualified to draw up her will”.

He had lost his famous mother in a heartbreaking way: At that last concert, I wanted to take his wig off his head.

There is another striking item in the will of the famous singer. Accordingly, if her husband, Larry Strickland, is unable, through death or any other reason, to continue to manage all this wealth, then this task will be taken over by her brother, Judd’s brother-in-law, Reginald Strickland, and the law firm that was present at the signing of the will. Ashley Judd and her older sister Wynonna were born to Naomi Judd’s marriage to Michael C. Ciminella between 1964 and 1972. Naomi Judd later married singer Larry Strickland in 1989.

He had lost his famous mother in a heartbreaking way: At that last concert, I wanted to take his wig off his head.

Neither the famous 54-year-old actress Ashley Judd nor her older sister Wynonna, who continues her music studies with her mother, have made any statement about this situation. However, it is stated that 58-year-old Wynonna Judd experienced great disappointment and sadness because her mother was not included in her will. According to sources close to the family, Wynonna, who is in the music duo The Judds with her mother Naomi, believes that her fame is the driving force. In fact, according to the news in the US press last month, Wynona announced that she would object to this will. According to family relatives, Wynona, who worked with her mother in her music career; she believes that half of this wealth has been earned by her own labor.

He had lost his famous mother in a heartbreaking way: At that last concert, I wanted to take his wig off his head.

Ashley Judd‘s mother, Naomi, was a famous country musician. Her real name is Diana Ellen Judd. Naomi JuddHe was born on January 11, 1946, in Ashland, Kentucky. He continued his music career, which he started in 1983, until his death. Ashley Judd While making her name in the acting field, Naomi and her other daughter Wynonna formed the country music duo “The Judds”.