World War 3 signals? Unprecedented exercise in Moscow!

The Russian Ministry of Defense made a statement after the images on social media that S-300 air defense systems were deployed on the residence of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the building of the Russian Ministry of Defense. Noting that exercises were held with S-300 air defense systems at strategic points, the ministry said, “In the Moscow Region, exercises were held with the personnel of the Western Military Region Anti-aircraft Missile Brigade to repel air attacks against important military, industrial and administrative facilities. The batteries of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems were exercised. “During the advance, the soldiers repulsed the attack of the fake sabotage group on the military convoy. The convoy, which managed to survive the attack, continued its advance. The battery units and complexes were placed in the conflict areas and began their duties.”

In the continuation of the statement, it was stated that the military units that reached the strategic targets hit the targets determined in the electronic environment with missiles, “After the detection of targets simulating aircraft and ballistic missiles, anti-aircraft units launched electronic missiles. In the war exercise, more than 150 soldiers, more than 30 weapons and military special equipment. took place,” it said.