Working 4 hours a day, 4 days each week

The best way wherein of engaged on the earth is altering shortly. Distant work is popping into widespread in a number of professions. The number of employees whose agency is abroad or metropolis and who works from their dwelling or summer season cottage inside the seaside metropolis is rising shortly. With the “Office Free” software program utilized in Koç Group, office employees in 40 corporations affiliated to the group have the selection to work from wherever they want with out coming to the office.

One among many new strategies of working is shortening the working days and hours inside the workplace. Reducing working hours in factories, which reached as a lot as 16 hours a day after the financial revolution, has been a really highly effective wrestle of labor unions on the earth for a number of years. Henry Ford started the apply of working 8 hours a day, 5 days each week, in 1926, discovering that the apply of working 8 hours a day and weekends will improve productiveness.

It has been argued for some time on the earth that the an identical work might be achieved in a shorter time by reducing the working hours, and the motivation of the employees to commit additional time to themselves will enhance. In 2018, a corporation in New Zealand launched the apply of working 4 days each week. After the company’s optimistic outcomes, trials began in one other corporations. After the pandemic, it has unfold shortly all around the world. Our pal İrem Kuşoğlu Görgü compiled the capabilities on the earth inside the full file she prepared.


In response to the Labor Regulation, the standard working time per week in Turkey is 45 hours. This time is cut up into working days of the week. Whereas it is 5 days each week in some firms, the private sector often employs 6 days each week, 7.5 hours a day. The weekly working time inside the public sector is 40 hours.

Although the standard weekly working time is 45 hours inside the private sector, the exact working time is for for much longer. In response to OECD data, Turkey ranks first amongst 38 nations with regards to the pace of workers working larger than 60 hours each week of their most necessary job. Whereas the OECD frequent is 4.4 %, this charge is 15.1 % in Turkey. The closest to Turkey are Latin American nations resembling Colombia (14.2%), Mexico (13.4) and Costa Rica (10.9%).


The Turkish Foundation for the Prevention of Waste was the pioneer of the apply of reducing working days and hours inside the workplace. Together with actions geared towards stopping waste, the Foundation helps poor girls to contribute to their households’ livelihoods by financing poor girls with micro-credit as a result of the Turkey companion of Grameen Monetary establishment, based mostly by Nobel laureate Muhammed Yunus. The amount of micro loans equipped to girls entrepreneurs since 2003 has reached 1.4 billion liras. A whole of 252 personnel work in 2 monetary enterprises and foundation amenities established for the goal of reaching the credit score rating to girls, gathering the distributed credit score later, and providing social help to girls.

Sooner than the pandemic started, on February 1, 2020, employees on the premise center and the monetary enterprises affiliated to the muse started to work 4 days each week, then the daily working time was lowered to 7 hours. In October this 12 months, a system of working 4 days each week, 6 hours a day was started in three branches. From the beginning of the 12 months, the equipment of 4 days and 6 hours shall be expanded in all branches. Due to the system of working 4 days each week, 7 hours a day, 590 thousand 516 TL was saved yearly. With the money saved, micro credit score amounting to 2000 TL had been distributed to 295 micro entrepreneurs.


Foundation President Prof. Dr. Aziz Akgül said that their goal is to change to a working system 4 days each week, 4 hours a day. Stating that in a look at carried out in England, it was revealed that the productive and environment friendly working time is roughly 2.5 hours a day in a workplace that works 8 hours a day, 5 days each week, Akgül said that it is obligatory to supply an environment for people to work additional productively and fortuitously. Stating that even in a small group, they saved 590 thousand liras in a 12 months in payments resembling office payments and gasoline, Akgül continued as follows:

“Together with our monetary financial savings, our employees are extraordinarily happy. By no means did I contact their salaries or depart. It turned motivation by reducing the working time. Possession ensued. That they had been institutionally adopted. They’re happier, they work in a additional peaceful ambiance. They do all the work now we have to do slightly extra successfully and efficiently.”


Noting that the employees, whose working days and hours are lowered, can spend additional time with their kids and households, and meet with their buddies additional, Akgül said that he sees the model new working order they put into apply as a part of making the family and society happy. Akgul said:

“There is a very incorrect idea in society that ‘you could work exhausting’. No, it is important to work successfully and efficiently. Not working like an idle pulley. Throughout the industrial revolution, someone will work so many hours a day. Working 8 hours for six days. And I say ‘no bro, you will work 4 days each week, you might be additional productive’. People have jobs to do inside the authorities, they’ve jobs inside the monetary establishment. They’re going to spend time with their households. Employers knowingly and unknowingly are shedding the time of their employees. Such a working order is in opposition to human nature. Life is so transient. People wish to have the power to take a seat open air of labor and be with their hobbies, family and buddies. I am speaking as a enterprise specific individual, not as a tutorial. By working additional successfully, additional efficiently and for a shorter time interval, we’re in a position to every earn our income and reside happier. We have seen this in our private workplaces.”

It seems inevitable that the problem of reducing working days and hours will enter the agenda of commerce unions. As a matter of reality, the newly established United Textile, Weaving and Leather-based-based Workers’ Union (BIRTEK-SEN), in its first congress, put the selection to work 7 hours a day, 5 days each week, in opposition to prolonged working hours, with the suggestion of the workers, amongst its targets.