Woman on vacation in Greece was raped by 4 men

The 31-year-old British woman went to Rhodes Island for a vacation. The woman who went to the hotel with the man she met at the entertainment venue was gang-raped by a group of men who came after a while.

The 31-year-old British woman, who went to the Greek island of Rhodes for a holiday, experienced a terrible event.

The young woman, who went to the nightclub with her friends to have fun, met a group of men aged 30-35 while spending time with her friends.

The young woman, who got close to one of the group, then went to the hotel with the man.

The woman, who voluntarily had intercourse with the man she met, on the balcony of the hotel and in the room, experienced horror after the incident.

4 people raped the woman

Just then, a group of men who came to the room attacked and raped the woman.

The woman, who was immobilized by two of the four, filed a complaint with the police after the gang rape.

Stating that she escaped from her hotel room, the woman said that she took a taxi and went back to where she was staying.

Rhodes police have so far identified four suspects.

DNA sample taken

While the suspects identified denied the charges, the investigators, who took DNA samples from the individuals, are now awaiting the results of the forensic examination and tests.

Greek police announced that they have not yet issued an arrest warrant, as it has not been determined whether the woman’s allegations are true or not, and therefore no suspects have been arrested.

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