Will Turkey be Brazil or South Korea?

The Ministry of Treasury and Finance held a groundbreaking event last week. Instead of professionals and business people from the world of finance, it organized a summit where only academics were speakers: Economic Transformation and the New Paradigms Summit. Gathering,we told us‘ was important in terms of not being an event.

Minister of Treasury and Finance Nureddin Nabatiwith the opening speech of the reflections of the summit that started in 3 days You follow the press. my purpose not repeating them. For years only events where business representatives spoke As a journalist who has followed first 20 professors at a summit once suddenly I listened. Restart the all-day event I watched it to the end.from 12 different countries and they are all very effective in their field one by one It is interesting and interesting to listen to these respected names who are It was an enlightening experience. During breaks with participants I also had the opportunity to chat.
I asked, ‘Why did they come to Turkey, how did they receive an invitation?’ Almost all of them are different from traditional economic policies. heterodox have thought. He also studied Turkey in most of his studies. Academics who have had relations with Turkey. That’s why they said they thought they were invited. Thereupon, theyWhat you should say about Turkey in particular Was there any message requested?‘ I asked. “No, any such style there was never a suggestion“I got the common answer. Even between them,”in my speech I don’t even think about talking about Turkey. More post covid how the world is shaping up i will tell“Some people preferred to talk about the world reshaped after the pandemic and the new role of developing countries in their speeches. Turkey’s name was as popular as other countries.
To the academics, ‘Turkey’s new economy modelI asked what. Of course, they said that they had looked into this matter closely before coming. When asked what they thought, their answers were common: “Time will show. Heterodox policies we see it from time to time in many countries. However, successful examples it’s talked about a lot. Every one who tries because it didn’t come up, it’s all on the agenda not coming. Turkey’s trylots advantage over country there are points. For example, large infrastructure investment benefits. Turkey has this advantage. enterprising person resource is an important advantage, which is It is in Turkey. Geographical advantage there was, but judging by the recent events it seems to be more important.
On the areas of distress regarding Turkey their findings were common: “Turkey medium have to get out of the income trap. The unconventional direction for thisthemes It’s very natural to try. Even in the treatment of diseases Today, it is specially prepared for the individual. customized according to the conditions of each country. to try models It cannot be a natural thing.
If the question in the title Asian Development Bank Advisor Donghyun Parkbelonging to Park is the best person to ask this question. one of the competent academics. associate professorship Park’s title, South Korea’s for the (famous) development model as well as research in the 21st Century Capitalism and Post Covid Asia He has two books. “for Turkey stuck in the middle income trap Brazilian or upper income level? reach South Korea It’s a very, very important question. I think Turkey is more than Brazil. Closer to South Korea. because industrial production in increasing the income levelteam and innovation is important, but also infrastructure investments. Here is Turkey advantageous here. big investments performed. For example, Istanbul Airport’s growth in THY It has a huge contribution.