Will the new model enter economics books?

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan drew the route of the new economy model. He started to implement economic management with the Minister of Treasury and Finance Nureddin Nebati. That day, I guess there is no one who does not criticize the ‘new economy model’.
So, was the model really successful or will it be?
At the moment, it is true that we differ from the countries of the world in their policy set… That’s why Orthodox people oppose deviating from traditional ways.
Thank you too…
in the world today Orthodox powersell with the countries implementing the policies.rto If you look, they also have other troubles. they are struggling. Even if they raise interest rates inflation they can’t, on the other hand They are fueling the recession. well crisisfrom the right way to the exit orthodox Policies are discussed!
Academics from 12 countries yesterday Ministry of Treasury and FinanceWhen it came together at the ‘Economic Transformation Summit’ held in Istanbul, hosted by . Minister of Treasury and Finance Nureddin Nabati In the opening speech of the summit, he emphasized the ‘orthodox and heterodox’ economic policies. Stating that orthodox policies can cause major crises, he said, “If we had not implemented the new economy model, we would have faced stagnation and many related problems today, along with inflation.”
The heterodox policies highlighted by the minister have been implemented in many countries in the past. For example, in Bolivia and Chile in the 1970s, in Israel in the 1980s, in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina in the 1990s, in Eastern Europe, the Central Asian Republics and Yugoslavia, which broke away from the Soviet Union. Some did not. Time will tell whether we will be successful or not. However, considering the world conjuncture, there are many developments in favor of Turkey.
So what do international circles say about this?
That’s what academics discussed at yesterday’s meeting. Prof. from Montpollier Business School, France. Roy Thurik “Who does not want to trade with Turkey? There is great resilience in the Turkish economy. It has grown even in 2020. There is no other country like it in the world. You are successful despite inflation, despite wars, despite the fact that there are 5-6 million immigrants at the borders,” he said. Professor of Finance at Imperial College London Jose-Luis PedroNoting that different policies are implemented at the macroeconomic level in Turkey, he said, “This is also an alternative policy. Performances are being implemented to ensure that external shocks are less.” from the Asian Development Bank Donghyun Park On the other hand, stating that Turkey has experienced rapid economic growth in 20 years, he said, “He did this almost from scratch. Anatolian tigers will play a very important role in Turkey’s leap to high income.”
This means that the economists around the world are watching the implemented policies carefully.
Say what?
If Turkey emerges from the global storm stronger, will it be included in the new model economics books?