Will second hand prices go down? The galleries announced


Second hand car market is stagnating. This recession has a positive effect on the prices of used cars. The 6 months and 6 thousand km arrangement started to reflect positively on the market. The dealers stated that there are real buyers in the used car market, and if this process continues, there may be a discount of 5 or 10 percent on used cars. When looking at the past months, the gallerists stated that 90 percent of the market is managed by the citizens who buy and sell, and that there are no citizens who buy and sell in the market with the new regulation.


The auto dealership Yılmaz Kebapçı, who connects the stagnation in the second-hand car market to the withdrawal of the citizens who buy and sell, said, “The second-hand market is at a stagnant level right now. We are progressing more stagnantly compared to previous months. In the past months, there have been a lot of traders in the market. 90 percent of vehicle sales were made up of those who buy and sell standing. Currently only real riders are left after the regulations. I used to sell 11, 12 vehicles a month, now I only sell 1 or 2. If credits drop a little more on the decline market can be revived. Every year, during these seasons, the vehicle market is stagnant. Some went on vacation, some went on vacation. In September, people are in a hurry for their children’s school. The current recession is normal, a situation we experience every time you are there. In this situation, after the 9th and 10th months, the activity starts and the market revives. Markets If it accelerates, we can return to our monthly sales again. If there is no demand for the vehicles, the discount continues. There will be about 5 to 10 percent discounts,” he said.


Stating that if the stagnant process of the second-hand car market continues, there will be a discount expectation in cars, Galerici Yakup Macit said, “There is no activity in the second-hand market at the moment. The market has been stagnant for about 4 months. The unstable market still continues. There were a lot of people trading. At this time they were withdrawn. There are vehicles on the market. A precaution was taken for new vehicles. These arrangements were better for us. There were those who put the market at a high price, thanks to the regulation, these have stopped now,” he said.