Will Canada sever ties with the British monarchy?

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently announced that his country England He said he didn’t think he would break ties with his monarchy.

In a statement to the BBC, Trudeau evaluated the claims that the countries affiliated to the King of England, which came to the agenda after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, could break their ties with the monarchy.

Expressing his support for the Crown, Trudeau stated that “separation from a constitutional monarchy” is not on the agenda of Canadians at the moment.

While Trudeau expressed satisfaction with the stability of the current system, “There is currently a nice balance in the system that serves the Canadian people extremely well.” said.

If the current system in Canada is to be changed, the amendment must be approved by the House of Commons and the Senate and by 10 provinces.

On the other hand, Trudeau’s singing at an event on September 17 in London, where Elizabeth II went for the funeral, was the subject of criticism.

Trudeau and his wife Sophie Gregoire-Trudea and their delegation went to the capital London on September 16 for the funeral of Elizabeth II.

King Charles III of England is the head of state of 16 countries, including Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand and several other large and small countries in the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean.

*The visuals of the news were served by the Associated Press.

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