Why should their troubles bother us?

From President Erdogan to Kılıçdaroğlu’s call: Why should their troubles make us nervous?

President Recep Tayyip ErdoganAfter the Friday prayer, he answered the questions of the journalists.


POWER EXCHANGE: We had over 200 names in the prisoner exchange. We have all 200 names. One of them was a name that Mr. Putin emphasized. We sent this name to Russia.

INITIATIVES IN GREECE: They have a communications department but we don’t? Our communications department is much stronger. They follow us behind with their wagons.

MIR SYSTEM: It wouldn’t be right if I explained what we’re going to cover. We’ll see you soon. This is not a Mir Card event, we will work on the alternatives, what steps we can take.

KILIÇDAROĞLU’S STATEMENTS: It’s not our problem, it’s their problem. Why should their troubles bother us? We are minding our business. The People’s Alliance is resolute and they are indecisively on their way.

INTERVIEWS AT CENTRAL PARK: The friends who came to us in Central Park, all showed their favor towards us with different approaches and questions in a way that I did not expect and did not expect. We have serious fans in the world.

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