Why isn’t Sedat Peker sharing? Ismail Saymaz told

İsmail Saymaz, who explained the details of the isolation in the United Arab Emirates to Sedat Peker, the leader of the crime organization, said that Sedat Peker would be kept in a long silence. İsmail Saymaz also listed the possibilities regarding the extradition process of Sedat Peker and stated that if the extradition decision is taken, it is not certain to which country Peker will be extradited. Saymaz informed that the current Interpol president is a citizen of the United Arab Emirates and that he was a person who met with Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu.

Here are the headlines from İsmail Saymaz’s statement about Sedat Peker:

Emre Olur talks about his last two encounters with Sedat Peker in his statement. This is the most striking part of his expression. He goes from Tirana to United Arab Emirates on the 12th, and goes to the villa where Sedat Peker stays in the evening on the 14th and 15th. He was staying in a villa in an area called Marina Maall, protected by private security. Sedat Peker is strict that he is exposed to a digital isolation in the United Arab Emirates, neither from his own account, nor from the accounts of madçavuş or long sergeant that he has set up, nor from the account of an employee like Emre Olur, nor from the accounts of a journalist or any other person anywhere in the world. It was said that he was warned, that if he shared – not just sharing – social media actions such as likes and comments, he would be deported from the United Arab Emirates.

If it is returned, which country will it be returned to?

Sedat Peker was either establishing his contact with the outside world through Emre Olur or giving a statement to some journalists. Or she was making a statement through indirect accounts. All this has come to an end.
With Emre Olur brought to Turkey, I think Sedat Peker will fall into a long silence. I think he can only give legal answers to the allegations against him through his lawyers, not a statement…
I don’t think you can re-tweet or retweet. This possibility has been largely eliminated. He cannot do this and similar actions under these conditions, including the video he said he would shoot 2 months before the election. So can he change the terms?
First, it must be willing to be deported from there. He is not there alone. He should take the risk that the nature of his children is taken from there. This is difficult and risky… It is also a mystery where it will be deported. To Turkey? To the last place?
Because he went to the United Arab Emirates not from Turkey, but from Morocco, and to Morocco he did not go from Turkey, he went from Albania.

Can he move to another country? It cannot legally pass. Because his passport was revoked. He was using a Turkish passport, it was cancelled.

So can it leak? No… Maybe if she was alone. However, it is not possible for a person who lives under surveillance, is followed at every moment, and travels with a certain nature, to leave Dubai illegally.

“He had met Soylu before he was elected President of Interpol”

In this case, one possibility remains. The deterioration of diplomatic relations between Turkey and the United Arab Emirates… That doesn’t seem possible in the near future either. The current Interpol President is a citizen of the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Turkey gave the greatest support for him to head Interpol. He was in Turkey before he was elected and met with Minister Soylu…

What has changed after the last statement of Sedat Peker’s lawyer, Ersan Barkın?

Our relations with the United Arab Emirates improved after Sedat Peker. Sedat Peker helped him. We were thinking about what would happen with the United Arab Emirates after 15 July. We insulted them by calling them dishonest. The occasion of Sedat Peker brought us closer and peace was signed.

It should not be overlooked that Turkey has been trying to deceive the Ikhwans step by step in order to make peace with Syria and Egypt lately. This is the biggest fear of the United Arab Emirates and the Arab world. They think that the Brotherhood will come and overthrow the kingdoms. These steps of Turkey may have changed the attitude of the United Arab Emirates. And let’s not forget that the President of Interpol is a citizen of the United Arab Emirates…
Now, what does Sedat Peker’s status change? This requires, in terms of the country of nationality of the Interpol president. It requires a result such as extradition to Turkey. I don’t know if they implement this. It’s another political process. They don’t always catch a red notice and return it. Turkey declared many red notices, but they did not send anyone. The wanted men left on July 15, they fled by helicopter… So no one is coming back. It’s a matter of political will. I am not saying that the United Arab Emirates does not return. In this process, Sedat Peker’s attitude can accelerate that process. From now on, I think Sedat Peker will fall into silence. His tools were largely gone.

“Emre Olur’s situation is more political than criminal”

The capture of Emre Olur is the biggest sign of this. Turkey made a great effort. For example, Levent Göktaş is wanted for murder, ministers are looking for ministers. Thodexçi Faruk hit 400 thousand people with 2 billion dollars, and the ministers call the ministers and say they should come. Sezgin Baran Korkmaz… His is more fantastic, he almost went abroad, he went from Austria to television, bought shares and sold shares…
Our people didn’t care until America got him caught, now he has to give it back….

Is Emre Olur’s situation more criminal? According to the law, membership in a criminal organization is punishable by up to 5 years and 6 years. What is the act of tweeting? There is no more criminal than Levent Göktaş than Thodexçi Faruk… But it is more political.