Why didn’t God create women without hair?

“If something this scary, such a sin, such a bad thing is this bad, God would have created women without hair… Why did He create women with hair too?” one of my grandchildren had asked. She was a girl, she was only five years old… Yet “do not provoke”, “immorality” Maybe it’s because you don’t know words like “If it’s so tempting, if it’s so seductive and frightening for men, if it’s immoral, then why didn’t God create women without hair?” he didn’t add.

“He did not fully comply with the rules of veiling” he in Tehran “morality cops” who died in hospital after being beaten and tortured by Mahsa Amini’The radiant smile of the 22-year-old beauty in the prime of life brings me back to these words today, and I want to embrace all the girls in the world.

In the male-dominated reactionary sharia regime, the murder of a defenseless woman just because her hair was visible was the spark that led to the eruption of the volcano! Iranian women say enough is enough. And this time they have men with them! They realized that violence against women is not only against women, but also against all humanity, men and women. And in a short time, the issue was no longer a headscarf or a strand of hair, but turned into a struggle for freedom, equality and a humane life. The mullahs’ 40 years of violence and threats turned into resistance to the regime of fear and oppression.


In protests that spread all over the country, women made flags in their hair. Some are trying to drive out all the darkness by cutting their black hair, some are burning their headscarves in the squares. They share all these actions on social media, risking torture and murder… Because now they have overcome the wall of fear.

Although Iranian authorities ban WhatsApp, Instagram, internet and social media, it does not work. Prohibitions are announced to the outside world by women and “You be our voice” their cries spread throughout the world. Although the journalists who reported the protests and made news about them were arrested, it is difficult to hide the truth in the 21st century!

Is Iran banning the internet? Biden immediately decides to loosen sanctions on the internet…

The world is watching. All political leaders, friendly and foe, have, along with the reprimand, of course, expressed their reactions in line with their political interests (and keeping their usual hypocrisy). Our power holders and their fools keep quiet…

I waited anxiously. In case the Diyanet, which delivers sermons every Friday, will recover and say something about it this Friday… In vain… Last week “Men can’t wear shorts” was in the foreground this week “halal profit”.

By the way, everyone asks the Diyanet: It crossed my mind for a while, too. I wonder if they would answer the question my granddaughter asked when she was 5 years old…

ONE WAY SEcularism

The most important way to oppose religious reaction and darkness is secularism.

Secularism is not only the separation of religious affairs and state affairs, but also a way of life.

It removes religion and belief from being a reason for showing off, profit and rent. It saves religion and belief from being a tool of exploitation and abuse. He places religion where it should be: in the conscience of the individual… He accepts that religion and belief are a moral problem for every individual.

Without secularism, right, law and justice cannot function. There can be no equality, no freedom without secularism. If there is no secularism, there is no democracy!

We continue the struggle without being killed, tortured, without having to cut our hair, without putting our hair as a flag, without being a slave.