Who is Ata Demirer, how old is he and where is he originally from? Is Ata Demirer married, does he have children, what is his profession? Ata Demirer Casino with FOX TV

The life and career of Ata Demirer, who was preparing to appear in front of the audience with Ata Demirer Casino on FOX TV screens special for the New Year’s Eve, began to be investigated. So, “Who is Ata Demirer, how old is he and where is he originally from? Is Ata Demirer married?” Here is the life and career of successful comedian Ata Demirer…


Ata Demirer, who was born on July 6, 1972 in Bursa, completed his secondary and high school education. In Bursa has completed. In nightclubs with the help of his brothers pianist-chantor Demirer, who started to work as Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory Turkish Music Department won.

Continuing to be a musician during his education life, Ata Demirer started to try bar comedy at the insistence of his friends and is a member of Vitamin Group. Gokhan Semiz Thanks to her, she stepped into stand-up shows. Same time Vitamin GroupAta Demirer is the person who sang the ghazal in the song “Turkish Cowboys”. E.Ş.EK Theater Group Ata Demirer, who performed his first professional stand-up show with the help of its founder Uğur Uludağ, entered his career in this way.


Famous comedian Ata Demirer, who became an actor like himself on April 22, 2012. Ozge Borak married with. The couple’s marriage ended on 14 November 2014. Ata Demirer did not sit on the wedding table again after this marriage. According to what is known, Demirer does not currently have a relationship.


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