Who does Tun Soyer hate – Turgay Gler

Unfortunately, our subject is Tunç Soyer.

Unfortunately‘ I say because it is a pity for the ink and breath we consume.

If we are silent, the heart will not be satisfied.

Tunç Soyer’s September 9 The talk of the day has been written and drawn on it for days. But let’s see that the issue is taken from the wrong place.

Our gentleman neither spoke of the Greeks being thrown into the sea on such a day, nor of France and England, who unleashed Greece on us.

It was a hundred years ago. Those who ruled these lands were in negligence, heresy and even treason.‘ said.

What’s wrong with the Greek, the French, the English? What is this now, if not the navy blue of saying?

Our gentleman, who is unaware of history and philosophy of history, rushes into the square for the sake of the concert.

Since ‘wow you ottoman enemy‘ he helps. Hey man, don’t you see the real enemy of the Republic of Turkey?

Now someone’s going to hop around!

Don’t go, friend! These things cannot happen with partisanship, blind ideological bias!

What does this have to do with republicanism?‘ you say, right?

There is!

Our gentleman did not neglect to sew feathers in a television program he attended afterwards. He was asked about the tension between Turkey and Greece.

Prior to ‘why are you asking me this‘ said.

Then ‘As mayor, I am for peace.‘ he added.

The same Tunç Soyer wrote to the posters that he had completely decorated İzmir a month agosecond century of peace‘ he had written.

Again, the same Tunç Soyer said a few years agoCyprus should be left to the Cypriots‘ said.

Mr. Tunc! This nation poured the Greeks into the sea and thus founded the Republic of Turkey. By fighting, not by making peace!

He stopped the British by giving two hundred and fifty thousand martyrs in front of Çanakkale.

He made Maraş, Antep, and Urfa Heroes by expelling the French, made them Gazi, and made them glorious.

Not by making love!

We call it the National Struggle.

A hundred years have passed. Those who aspire to rule these lands today may be in ignorance, heresy or even treason!

‘Unfortunately, we provided weapons to Azerbaijan’ they may say.

They can vote no to the anti-terror bill.

They can meet with foreign ambassadors behind closed doors every other day.

They can join arms with the political extension of the PKK terrorist organization.

They may intend to forgive FETO members, the apparatus of the CIA.

Aegean islands belong to Greece‘ they might say.

They may not open their mouths and say a word to the USA, which has given fifty thousand truckloads of weapons to the terrorist organization PKK, to the Greek who covets the Blue Homeland, or to France behind it.

Go to London and tell foreign businessmenDo not invest in TurkeyThey might say.

They can do all of that and more.

But this nation; ‘Peace‘ knows what is hidden behind the discourse.

Karabakh being liberated from occupation diplomacy ballad those who call.

Have no doubt.

Strangely enough, the ringleaders of the terrorist organization PKK were also peace song screaming.

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